What’s Really Behind the Violence at Donald Trump Events?

Just days away from “Super Tuesday” March 15, which is one of the most influential voting primaries in the 2016 Republican campaign cycle, support rallies for Donald Trump have erupted with violence giving the anti-Trump movement exactly what it needs to blast the Trump campaign to smithereens, or at least that appears to be the plan.

And what a good plan it is. Especially when the news media, the Republican establishment, the Democratic party, Donald Trump’s Republican rivals, and the Obama administration all jump on the bandwagon to crush Donald Trump — meaning that any of them could have masterminded the plan.

Nobody wants “the Donald” to be president of the United States, and yet the silent majority is voting him in, a group of people too afraid to speak out publicly. So what’s really going on?

The disruptive protesters are clearly a well-organized group with professional backing, and the masterminds behind it are genius. All they have to do is send people in whose intent is to be loud, antagonistic, pick fights, and rile the crowd until somebody explodes. And these rabble rousers don’t give up. They keep picking and picking and picking, knowing that the news cameras will catch that magic moment.

Once a brawl hits the airways, the anti-Trump factions run with it, especially the news media. Most news outlets truly are “the liberal media” who bash Republicans every chance they get. If you’ve watched the Democratic and Republican debates, and then followed up with how the news media presents each debate, the favoritism is painfully obvious — the media plays favorites and Hillary Clinton is the Golden Child. On the Republican side, you wonder if they actually watched the same debate that you did, because the portrayal never fits what was actually said.

The disruptive protestors holler that they have a right to free speech, but Donald Trump, of course, does not. They argue for their right to shut him up and force him to cancel rallies just before one of the most pivotal weeks of voting, and the news media sides with the anti-Trump agitators.

Perhaps someone is telling the media what to think and say “for the welfare of the country.” Who knows? But rarely will you find an unbiased piece of reporting where Trump and the Republicans are concerned. Rarely do the debate moderators play fair either. Republican candidates face Guantanamo-style interrogation tactics. Hillary Clinton gets to ramble on and on with her favorite talking points, while completely avoiding the question, and they let her get away with it. Hillary gets a free pass.

Trump supporters aren’t stupid. They see what’s going on, and blatant favoritism fuels the anger and frustration which have built up with each attack on Trump. Add to that a dose of being told who to vote for, being Anybody But Trump, and you can see how the agitators can set off a firecracker.

Donald Trump has been the punching bag for Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. He’s been a punching bag for his Republican rivals, and the entire Republican establishment — the Washington cartel as Ted Cruz puts it. And the news media is more than happy to throw in a few punches of their own.

And they all say the same thing… the violence is Donald’s fault, so he deserves the smear campaign. Donald Trump incites violence with every word he utters. He is a political arsonist, and a bully. Donald Trump is a sexist, a closet Democrat, a barbarian, a racist, and a fascist, who loves Mussolini, and the KKK, and he styles himself an Adolf Hitler. And by association, so do his supporters.

But is this really true? Or is it a Donald Trump conspiracy? An expertly-staged production by the Washington cartel to keep Trump out of the White House? Did the Republicans give us Trump, as the anti-Trump movement claims? Does America really want to go back to its racist roots?

The truth is that Obama gave us Trump by destroying the middle class. America doesn’t even have a middle class anymore, they’ve been downgraded to what is now referred to as “the working class.”

This group is made up of blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Cubans, immigrants, retirees, Baby Boomers, Millennials, Generation X, young people, old people, men, women, and every group in between. Trump supporters are everyman — or at least every man that the Obama regime left behind.

Obama gave us Trump by stomping all over the Constitution of the United States with his incessant executive actions, and by creating a health care system that caused people’s existing insurance premiums to shoot through the roof.

Obama gave us Trump by pulling back our military, by allowing our enemies to build nuclear weapons, which gave rise to the hostilities that are devastating the Middle East and consequently, Europe. To be fair, however, Obama gave us exactly what we asked for. Americans were tired of being policemen of the world, and the people grumbled that maybe we shouldn’t be so involved in Middle Eastern disputes. Even the world-at-large was tired of our incessant meddling. I remember those days, the media pounding it into our heads that hey, what are we DOING out there? Enough is enough. Well, now we know the result of staying in, and pulling out.

Obama gave us Trump by destroying the economy and sending us into one of the worst recessions that this country has seen in decades. It is amazing to watch the news media spin how great things are, how unemployment is down, and stock prices are up, and home prices are up, when the truth is that everything crashed hard after he took office and it has not rebounded to where it was “before Obama.”

The Baby Boomer generation, being the people born between 1946 and 1964, are scared to death. Retirement accounts are worth a fraction of what they were eight years ago. Ditto for stocks. Few people can sell their houses because the housing market crashed after Obama took office leaving many people upside down on their mortgages.

Big corporations have laid off tens of thousands of employees and the Baby Boomers took the biggest hit for their decades of service which earned higher pay and benefits. These employees were sometimes replaced with independent contractors. This isn’t just Trump-speak, this is the man-on-the-street telling his personal story, and such stories are legion. These are the Trump supporters, the silent majority who are backing Donald Trump.

As president of the U.S.A., would Donald Trump be the Great Destroyer that his detractors claim? Or would he be the White Knight that his supporters hope for? Nobody honestly knows. We are all just guessing based on our personal hopes and fears, prejudices and political leanings.

One thing is for certain: Donald Trump is positioned to be the only Republican candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton the Golden Child, and that’s why he has a target on his back.

If the Republican race ends up in contention where the man with the most votes doesn’t end up as the Republican nominee, and the Republican elites force an alternative candidate on the people, this would be a guaranteed win for Hillary Clinton.

Think about it. If Jeb Bush couldn’t beat Donald Trump, and Ben Carson couldn’t beat Donald Trump, and Chris Christie couldn’t, and Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, Carly Fiorina, and several others… if these candidates which dropped out of the Republican race could not beat Donald Trump, then there’s no way they can beat Hillary Clinton. And yet, from these dropouts, the Republican nominee could be chosen.

But it might not be from among the 2016 candidates, as Romney has also been suggested. If Mitt Romney couldn’t beat Barack Obama in 2012, then there’s no way he can beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Marco Rubio and John Kasich are still hanging onto the hope, but they are trailing so far behind that it’s a sure bet that they couldn’t beat Hillary Clinton either. Senator Ted Cruz is the only other candidate with enough grit to fight Hillary, and much of his current success is based on keeping Donald out, rather than a genuine desire among voters to send him to the White House. That doesn’t bode well for his chances to actually beat Hillary Clinton, although he is a fighter and he fights to win, so it is possible that he could win the 2016 presidential election.

Personally, I have no idea who’d make the best president based on the type of person I’d like to see in the White House. None of them qualify by my criteria, which would combine economic strength, military strength, a renewed space program, shrinking Big Brother, promoting world peace, and environmental protection into a presidential candidate who could actually WIN. He doesn’t exist so I’m an orphan. Nobody speaks for me.

What’s more, I see doom and gloom from both parties. Four more years of Democrats will assuredly destroy the United States of America, trigger a nuclear war or World War III, and maybe even turn the USA into a tributary of China due to our indebtedness to the Chinese. On the positive side, Democrats will fight hard to protect Mother Earth, and she truly is in dire need of protection.

Republicans will assuredly rebuild the USA, and promote world peace through military strength, if enemy nukes don’t blow it all up before they get the chance. On the negative side, Republicans will escalate the mass extinction event that scientists warn of, leaving our children to face a catastrophic scenario no less destructive to humankind than the great flood of Noah. It may take a different form, but the end result will be just as devastating.

So we end up with: Rebuild America, Restore World Peace, but Destroy Planet Earth in a Mass Extinction Event — or, Destroy America, Trigger a World War, but Save the Planet for future generations unless the war itself escalates a mass extinction event. Neither of these scenarios truly plays out well for anybody, so I’m not feeling as hopeful as the rest of the voters. I am the Queen of Worst Case Scenario thinking and no candidate speaks to me.

If only the media would report with all fairness the true strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, without bias, and truly let the voters decide being armed with all of the facts, and not just a twisted version…

This post was spawned from the growing disbelief over media maneuvering, which may be driven by the blatant conspiracy of a small group of individuals to choose a Republican candidate whom the people did not vote for. In other words, your votes don’t count, they merely give the illusion of a free vote.

This holds true for Democrats as well, in the form of “superdelegates” whose votes override the will of the people. Hillary holds the keys to the kingdom with the support of an elite group of super-voters. It’s no wonder voters on both sides are so angry this year.

If you are curious as to what Trump supporters really believe, and why they so ardently support the Donald, here are a few news stories that tell it like it is, rather than how the establishment wants us to think it is:

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One thing you can be sure of in regards to Donald Trump ‐ the shadow government in charge of extraterrestrial knowledge would probably not confide in Donald Trump. He is too unpredictable and they’d be afraid he’d just come out with it and tell the public everything. My guess is that they would confide in Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio, but probably none of the others. And neither Clinton nor Rubio would confide in us. It is also my guess that they confided in Barack Obama, based on some of the decisions he has made. It is just a personal theory, mind you, and on reading the book After Disclosure, I fully agree that the public should not know everything.

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