Debunking the Myth of Ebola as a Racial Bio-Weapon

One conspiracy theory being bandied about is that initially, Ebola was engineered as a bio-weapon, designed by the United States military to depopulate the planet. The Reverend Louis Farrakhan has taken it one step further, to suggest that Ebola is a race-targeting bio-weapon.

If that were true, you’d have to believe that we had the ability to engineer the Ebola virus in 1545, before we’d even invented the microscope, thermometer, refrigerator, telephone, or light bulb.

Ebola is one of several viral hemorrhagic fevers, which include dengue fever, yellow fever, Marburg virus, and others, whose combined histories date back at least as far as 1545, when a viral hemorrhagic fever known as Cocoliztli ravaged Mexico.

Today medical researchers study these ancient epidemics in order to gain insight on current epidemics, sometimes even testing the bodies of centuries’ old remains to determine if an archaic pestilence was a predecessor, or even the same, as one of our newer pathogens.

Ebola was first diagnosed in Sudan, Africa, while Cocoliztli was known centuries earlier in Mexico. In the first outbreak, Cocoliztli wiped out 800,000 Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico alone, according to a research paper by Rodolfo Acuna-Soto, Leticia Calderon Romero, and James H. Maguire entitled, Large Epidemics of Hemorrhagic Fevers in Mexico 1545-1815.

Compare *some* of the symptoms of Cocoliztli Hemorrhagic Fever to those of Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever:

Cocoliztli Ebola
Fever and chills
Abdominal and chest pain
Vomiting, sometimes bloody
Diarrhea, sometimes bloody
Bleeding from ears, nose, and mouth
Body rash
Fever and chills
Abdominal, chest, muscle, and skin pain
Vomiting, sometimes bloody
Diarrhea, sometimes bloody
Bleeding from eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
Hemorrhagic body rash

Cocoliztli appeared to be race-specific, devastating 80% of the native Mexicans in 1545, while leaving the Spanish invaders relatively untouched. This disease broke out 24 years after the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, so it was thought that the Spaniards brought the disease with them, although slaves from Africa had also been brought in. There have been several outbreaks of Cocoliztli, and the 1576 pandemic of thirty-one years later wiped out 45% of the entire population of Mexico.

Sometimes the human population of entire towns was wiped out, leaving only the farm animals untouched, and always impacting the native Mexican population in particular.

Normally we wouldn’t have much data on an ancient epidemic or pandemic except as a brief passage in an old narrative, but the 1576 Cocoliztli outbreak was witnessed by doctors, priests, historians, and government officials, each of which documented the event in their own words. Apparently they even performed autopsies.

It was one of the deadliest contagions in history, which in the late stages caused multiple organ failure. The urine turned various colors of green or black, as did the blood. The eyes and body turned yellow. Gangrene set in, and agony until death.

The prevailing theory for why the Spaniards seemed almost immune, even when in direct contact with an infected person, was that the Spaniards enjoyed better food, health, and living conditions in general. Autopsies were performed without gloves or other protective gear, and yet few of these European caregivers became ill.

We do not know whether Cocoliztli is the same as any of our known hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola, but its existence proves beyond a doubt that such diseases appear in nature without being manufactured by humans, and they exist in a form that seemingly targets a specific race, all on their own.

Researchers have made an incredible discovery, however, regarding the Ebola virus. Your genetics could potentially influence your resistance to the Ebola virus.

Scientists have been studying Ebola in lab mice which were intentionally infected with the virus. The results echo the targeted impact of the Cocoliztli virus. Some mice died of hemorrhagic fever, while others showed no symptoms at all. Genetics are believed to be at the root of selectiveness in mice, so researchers are studying the genetics of Ebola in the hopes of understanding its course, and to better affect a cure.

The bottom line is that Cocoliztli proves beyond a doubt that not only can a hemorrhagic virus exist without being engineered by humans, but the targeted selection of Cocoliztli on Mexicans over Spaniards, coupled with the genetic findings of Ebola-infected mice, proves that such viruses can be racially selective in nature, without human engineering.

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