Twinkle Yourself Up A Love Potion

I once knew a girl named Debbie… no this isn’t the start of a bawdy poem, even though Debbie was a flirt. Her eyes twinkled as if she were ready to laugh, and the corners of her mouth always turned up just a little bit.

I don’t remember her ever sitting still, as if posing for a picture. She always seemed to be in motion, her head moving, her hands moving, reaching out to touch you as she talked to you.

Debbie was one of the Beautiful People. Men flocked to her. They couldn’t get enough of her. Men wanted to date her, marry her, have sex with her, run errands for her, carry her groceries, fix her car, you name it, and the men wanted to do it with her, or for her.

I so envied Debbie. I was NOT one of the Beautiful People. I was always The Outsider, on the fringe of the world, the girl nobody asked to the prom. I just wasn’t pretty enough, or built enough, at least that’s what I thought, but then I learned the truth. I discovered Debbie’s big secret.

One day, for a few brief moments, Debbie sat still. She wasn’t smiling, or in motion, but instead, she was deep in thought. It was the first time I got a really good look at her face, instead of her personality, and I was stunned. Debbie was ordinary; she was not drop dead gorgeous.

That day I saw the Big Truth, that old cliche — beauty comes from the inside.

Debbie had inner beauty. Her personality is what made her beautiful, not a pretty face, or big hair, or an hourglass figure. Anybody could have worn the clothes, but what made the clothes flow gracefully was Debbie herself, in motion, reaching out, laughing, twinkling. That’s probably the best word to describe her, twinkling.

That’s what made her seem so beautiful. That’s what made men want her. Debbie twinkled. She created her own personal aphrodisiac or love potion, just by being who she was.

Any girl can learn how to twinkle. It takes practice, and at first you won’t believe in yourself, but trust me, you can twinkle. I learned how to twinkle. This Outsider, the wallflower that nobody wanted, learned how to twinkle and let the inner love potion come out, and you can, too!

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