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Got a bunch of rocks in your yard you want out of the way? How about that broken down old computer? Ready to clean out the attic or garage? There’s an EASY way to recycle your old junk.

Recycling has been around for decades but how many people actually do it? Of all the things you can recycle, how much actually gets recycled? Not very much.

The trouble is, that it isn’t easy enough. Some garbage companies give you special recycle bins for glass, plastic and paper, and they’ll pick it up at the curb. That’s easy. People will do that. But to drive someplace to drop it off? Life is just too busy for that.

To complicate it further, buying recycled goods isn’t always cost effective nor desireable to folks. Recycling just hasn’t hit its mark yet. Or has it?

Paper, plastic, cans, glass… that’s just a tiny fraction of what goes to the dump every day. You’d be amazed at what ends up at the dump. Clothes, furniture, books, household goods of all sorts — you name it and it’s laying in a dump somewhere.

When you want to clean out your garage or basement, you want it gone NOW. You don’t want to pile up all the unwanted stuff and then have it laying around until some future day when you have the time to take it somewhere. Time is precious. Time is important.

Some folks have yard sales with it. Others take it to Goodwill and donate it. Some pay companies to come and get it. But there’s another option and it’s EASY. You get immediate gratification that you gave someone something they really wanted. And it’s EASY. Did I mention that?

It’s called Freecycle. It’s on the internet at and there are Freecycle groups all over the country. You just find a group or groups in your city and sign up with them. That’s the hardest part. Once you are a member (which is FREE,) you post your giveaways online and you’ll find someone out there who wants the very thing you want to give away.

Got a bunch of rocks in your yard you want out of the way? Freecycle them! We actually went to someone’s house and went all around their yard and woods removing rocks for them, because we wanted free rocks for a gardening project. Rocks are a hot commodity.

How about that broken down old computer? Trust me, some computer geek would love to have the parts from it. Maybe your daylilies are overcrowded. You might find someone who’ll divide them for you in exchange for free daylilies. It isn’t just a table or kid’s clothes that people want. Even broken furniture has a place in someone’s life. You just never know until you post it.

Your email is hidden publicly. People read your post and email you thru the Freecycle network, and this also works on Craigslist. Usually you leave the item on your porch or in the driveway, give them your address and tell them when the item will be out there. They come pick it up and you never even meet them. No worries about safety. They don’t come into your home. You never even come into contact with them.

All you did was post it online, answer a few emails, and carry the item out the front door. Someone got a really happy freebie, and you kept an item out of the city dump. How cool is that?

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