Could We Reincarnate into the Past?

We think of time as being linear, moving from yesterday to today and then tomorrow, but physicists tell us that it’s all happening at the same time, that our perception of time is just a convenience. What if it’s true? What if they are right?

If time is all the same where tomorrow overlaps with yesterday, then wouldn’t it be possible to reincarnate into the past? And if so, how would that impact karmic debt?

Past, Present, Future — Simultaneous Time Theory

Simultaneous time is where the past, present, and future are all flowing in unison, and past events can be changed by future events, as explained in “The Illusion of Past, Present, Future” by Deepak Chopra and Robert Lanza in the Huffington Post.

In other words, something you do tomorrow can impact something that happened yesterday. Sounds pretty heady, doesn’t it?

To prove this theory, physicist John Archibald Wheeler designed an experiment, and Jean-François Roch conducted the experiment along with several esteemed colleagues.

The researchers shot photon particles at a beam-splitter (a half-silvered mirror) to separate each quantum wave from its corresponding photon. The photon and its wave were recombined at a second beam-splitter 164 feet away.

Physicists experimented with flipping the recombining beam-splitter on and off after the first split had already taken place to see what would happen. Depending on the point at which they turned the second splitter on, the reunited photon-wave chose a path which was pre-determined by its current distance past the fork in the road. It wasn’t necessarily the fork they were on.

However, if they allowed the photon and wave to continue their journeys separately, the photon randomly chose which path to take with equal probability — a 50-50 outcome.

What this means for Simultaneous Time Theory is that the photon did not decide which fork in the road to take at the point when it reached the fork itself — the decision was made long after the photon passed the fork. In that later moment, the photon chose its reality based on the future conditions that it encountered.

Albert Einstein said that “the distinction between the past, present, and future, is only a stubbornly persistent illusion” and the photon experiment proved it. A different future is possible over that which the chosen fork represents.

Are you with me so far? Past, present, and future exist in unison according to Simultaneous Time Theory. File this away and move on to the next point.

Reincarnation, or Transmigration of the Human Soul

Reincarnation is when the spirit and/or soul leaves the body at the time of death, and at some point enters into a new body in the process of being born. Your physical body dies but YOU don’t, although the New You might suffer from a case of amnesia.

There’s a lot of confusion about the spirit and the soul and not much agreement, but as it’s the soul that religions try so hard to save, it is sometimes defined as “the immortal essence of a living thing.” That means the spirit is your consciousness, your personality, and it’s the spirit that goes into hiding during rebirth amnesia.

Hindus, Rosicrucians, Gnostics, Buddhists, and the Celtic Druids are just a few whose beliefs include reincarnation, though not all in exactly the same form. It’s not as simple as death-rebirth, death-rebirth, death-rebirth into infinity with no other factors.

An ancient Greek named Orpheus, brother of the god Apollo, considered the human body to be a prison for the soul. The immortal soul aspires to freedom, but all the while the wheel of rebirth revolves, plucking the soul out of one and inserting it into another so that the soul alternates between freedom and captivity. Some religions provide an “out” when you’ve achieved some level of wisdom or virtuousness where you don’t have to come back into this existence again.

Maybe we come back because we want to come back, drawn to Earth by worldly desires, but after a number of reincarnations we grow tired of this world and seek something higher. Then we experience true freedom.

The Latin definition of reincarnation is “entering the flesh again.” The Greek equivalent is metempsychosis which means “transmigration of the soul” — whether into another human body or even into an animal body.

Buddhism allows for this transference into another human, an animal, or even a supernatural being. On the other side of the coin, Kabbalistic reincarnation isn’t quite so free with your soul as it limits the transference from human to human of the same sex only: man to man, and woman to woman.

Generally speaking, we don’t remember our past lives upon entering the new life, at least not consciously. The soul might remember but it doesn’t tell us what it knows. We don’t consciously have access to those memories. Early Buddhist teachings included methods for remembering these past lives, although Buddha himself cautioned that the results could be misleading. Today we use past life regression hypnosis as a means to recall hidden memories from before we were born.

Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson devoted 40 years to the study of past life memories in over 3,000 people, many of which were children. He methodically documented each child’s memories and then researched the deceased person whom the child was thought to have been. Facts of the dead person’s life were matched up with the living child’s memories, including aspects of the physical body. This included birthmarks, scars, birth defects, and cause of death as verified by autopsy reports.

There were cases where a current-life birthmark matched a scar or wound on the previous-life body. Sometimes the child exhibited a special skill such as playing an instrument, or speaking a language to which they’d never been exposed. A child with a deformed or missing finger might remember a past life in which they’d lost a finger.

Children usually start to remember past lives somewhere between two and four years old, but by the time they turn eight years old (after adults have gotten all up into their heads) the memories stop, or at the least children stop talking about them.

In spite of the multitude of skeptics who question the validity of Stevenson’s findings, the belief in reincarnation remains strong. In 2006, psychology professor Erlendur Haraldsson published “Popular psychology, belief in life after death and reincarnation in the Nordic countries, Western and Eastern Europe” in the journal Nordic Psychology, which included statistics for believers. Among them:

  • Iceland — 41% believe in reincarnation
  • Norway — a mere 15%
  • Switzerland — 36%
  • Malta — a pitiful 12%
  • United Kingdom — 29%
  • France — 21%
  • Ireland — 23%
  • Greece — 23%
  • Russia — 32%
  • USA — 20% based on a 2005 Gallup poll

In other words, people around the world embrace the concept of reincarnation, and in the USA, 20% of Americans believe in reincarnation. Are you still with me? File this away with Simultaneous Time Theory, and then let’s see how karma factors in.

The Judgement Day of Karma

This next life might not be randomly chosen. Your new form might be determined by the merits or demerits that you’ve accumulated in the current life, or even in past lives. Hindus call it Karma and it’s a form of Judgement Day.

Every action you take, every thought you think, every word you utter, and every action that you induce others to take all combine to create your personal cosmic spreadsheet of merits and demerits, good deeds and evil deeds, or credits and debits in a running tally on a balance sheet. Payback might happen in this life, or it might manifest during rebirth into the next life.

Unkindness yields spoiled fruit, and good deeds produce sweet fruit, as one would expect. However, you can actually become the person which your actions mirror, even if your heart isn’t in the action — you become good by doing good and vice versa. The end result is reward or retribution, but not always in this life. Sometimes payback waits for the next life.

In the case of bad karma, maybe you’ll be reborn as a worm to die on a bait hook, or a lobster to be boiled alive. Maybe you are just a fly to be swatted, or a deer to be used as target practice. Maybe you become a dog to be abandoned by owners who treat you as expendable, who give you away, after which you end up in an animal shelter to be put to death.

The sound of dogs screaming as they die in gas chambers would horrify and haunt you to the end of your days, but what do you care if you didn’t have to personally hear it, right? After all, your dog was special and surely someone would adopt him and save him from that awful fate.

But what if you are reborn as a human with bad karma weighing heavy on the balance sheet? Traditional wisdom answers this, too. You’d come back to live a rotten, miserable life, whether in poverty or ill-treatment or disability. You might come back in conjunction with another soul in order to fulfill a karmic debt that you owe them.

Have you ever met someone for the first time and experienced an overwhelming feeling that you’ve known them forever, as if you were already best friends? Or the reverse, where you take an immediate dislike to a person even without knowing why? Perhaps your souls were linked before this life even began, and you’ll play out good or bad karma that you’ve racked up in past lives.

Ernest Valea believes that flaws exist in the concept of reincarnation and cosmic justice, and his arguments make a lot of sense. The newborn baby doesn’t have a clue that he was born to work out Adolf Hitler’s karma, and the hardships that this reborn Hitler endures are likely to cause bad decisions that lead to more bad karma in a never-ending cycle of doom and gloom. In addition, people might mistake a person’s suffering for karmic payback and lose all compassion for human suffering.

But ignore Valea’s skepticism and just go with it for a moment: Karma is a bitch and your next life promises payback. Now add it all together and what do you get?

Past = present = future = Simultenous Time Theory.
20% of U.S. Americans believe in reincarnation.
Karma is a bitch and your next life is payback.

Simultaneous Time Theory plus Reincarnation plus Bad Karma equals…

What if you could reincarnate into the past? If past, present, and future are all taking place at the same time, theoretically this should be possible, right? And if so, how might karma play out?

Would the person who pours gasoline on an innocent animal (or person!) and lights them on fire be reincarnated back into the Salem witch trials, and be branded as a witch? You see where this is going… witches were tortured and then burned alive at the stake. What better punishment could anyone possibly imagine?

A child molester might come back during the age of giants when barbarian giants raped humans in an act that literally tore the humans apart. These giants weren’t picky. They’d steal a man’s wife and she wouldn’t last long, so they’d kidnap another and another until all the women in the human village were dead. Then they’d turn on the widowed husbands and do the same. Yes, we have historical references for this.

Human history is full of enough horrific punishments and barbaric practices to befit just about any crime committed today. Habitual thieves could be reborn into an era where thieves lost their hands, or became slaves to pay off their thieving debts.

In the olden days, crimes might get you impaled on a stake or nailed to a cross. We associate crucifixion with Jesus, but variants of this slow and painful execution were practiced by the Romans, Persians, Carthaginians, Macedonians, Japanese, and it is still practiced in several Middle Eastern countries, so you wouldn’t have to reincarnate backwards in time after all. Karma could just send your soul to be reborn in a Middle Eastern war zone.

As frightening as it sounds to burn alive as a witch, or to be raped by a giant who stands SEVERAL FEET taller than you, or lose your hands, or be nailed to a cross, these don’t hold a candle to the death you would suffer at the hands of the Seri Indians just 300 years ago. They could run down a horse on foot, capture it by grabbing onto its jaw and mane, and bring it to the ground while breaking its neck, all without a single weapon. They were best-known, however, for killing with their hands and teeth, and the Seri hunted down humans just as we hunt deer:

“No people in history were more dreaded than the Seri, and survivors were more afraid of their ‘throttling hands and rending teeth’ than their clubs or poison arrows… Here was a race of humans, using nothing more than their hands, stones, bows and arrows, holding their own against armies of soldiers sent in to exterminate them.” One old map labeled their island, “Get-Out-If-Can.” — Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants.

Throwing open the portals of time travel adds unlimited potential for next-life karmic payback, both good and bad. Believing in Simultaneous Time Theory, Reincarnation, and Karmic Payback might lead to a next life that sends you hundreds or even thousands of years back in time to insert you into that perfect moment befitting of your current mentality. So… what ARE you thinking today? And will it really take you where you want to go?

* * * * *

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    13 Responses to Could We Reincarnate into the Past?

    1. Chakradamus says:

      I think the idea that we could be reborn in the past assumes that our reality (earth, solar system, the universe, history & geography of earth, peoples of earth
      ) stays constant as an unchanging background. As though the universe keeps on moving forward in time with or without us to observe it, and we are born and reborn again and again into the same background universe. I think with every reincarnation our reality framework changes. Probably physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography every or some aspect of our reality becomes different. Except for one set of exceptions, where someone dies suddenly and comes back in the future of the same reality frame with memories of their past life. That’s the only exception where the characteristics of the background universe remain the same. I think that’s an exception. For the most part when we are reborn, the characteristics of our reality change and therefore what is defined as the past in our current reality time frame, becomes an invalid concept in our next life.

    2. Robert C Mize, jr says:

      A somewhere around 2 and a half ( known because of where I lived. a close neighbor with a child my age and they bought their son a peddle car shaped like an airplane. I remember the following instance specifically. I got in the plane/car and turned the wheel to the right and looked left. the Aiieron did not move. I got out an looked. they couldn’t move they were just painted on. When I got my first pilot’s training that memory also flashed up. It is a real memory. I remembered. Another time when I had a loathing for Andrew Jackson A loathing that is still with me today. I can not exactly remember why though. I also remembered being on a sailing ship in the Mediterranean in the fifth grade.
      I stopped talking about it because most people don’t like talking about things like this. Now about time. I have seen a very few people who I think I recognize but two or three do not work out due to birth and death times. they overlap meaning both were alive at the same time one only months the other three years.
      I am 78 years old. I’ve seen a few things.

    3. Allie says:

      I kept a diary as a kid. One enigmatic entry, being a single line on the page, said:

      “The bird died tomorrow.”

      I have NO idea what I meant by that. Did I write it on the wrong day and fix the wording to denote which day the bird died? Was it a prophecy? The diary being long gone, I cannot study it in the hopes of an answer. But that one diary entry has remained in my noggin for all these years!

      • Cathy says:

        hi, so my friend and I are exactly the same. like we always say the same things at the same time and we look like twins. It gets quite creepy sometimes and we were wondering if one of us was reincarnated from the other and is now somehow living side y side in our previous and present selves.

    4. Phil Coffman says:

      Interesting. As a child, I often thought that in the next life I would be the parent of my current parent.

    5. JC Soto says:

      It’s so weird that you wrote about a question that I have been pondering for a while now. Thanks.

    6. Allie says:

      The ancients believed that we could reincarnate into plants, animals, and even extraterrestrials on other planets. So if an extraterrestrial colony existed on Mars, then yes, we could reincarnate on Mars. As for photos, no doubt there are other people with this name. But the photo I’ve posted is of me.

    7. aidan jones says:

      ilooked up allie mars and upcame a picture of a young

    8. aidan jones says:

      or on another planet?

    9. aidan jones says:

      interesting… what if you are reincarnated on Mars

    10. Markus says:

      You’re full of shit.

    11. Darwi says:

      Honestly, you have a very inaccurate impression of the way things might be and a lot of misconceptions. In one sense, all you have is now. Everything is now. In that way of looking at things, there is really no such “Thing” as time. Not objectively. But subjectively, we can consider ‘Time’ in a different way. Time passes by. But what is that really? It’s just movement. So, we can equate time with space, or movement in space. The way we move and the way other things move is what gives us a subjective impression of ‘abstract’ time, i.e., it doesn’t exist concretely, it’s just a notion of motion of the mind. And yet the way we perceive it isn’t entirely the way it is either, because our perceptions are limited to a point or small segment of the particular time stream we are flowing through. This WHOLE time stream exists right now. But we only perceive a small portion of it, as our consciosness flows through it. That’s right. Your really just consciousness flowing through the spiral-holographic-atomic form of your body. But your not perceiving it that way. Reincarnating, you could reincarnate in the past, present, or future part of this time stream. Technically, you could even reincarnate in the same lifetime, that still exists on the time stream and live the same lifetime all over again. But it’s a pretty sure thing that you would live such a repetitive lifetime somewhat differently this time, as everything and everybody is evolving and changing, including the time stream and yourself. Normally though, we would live consecutive lifetimes in the direction of the future part of the time stream, in other words, in the direction outward from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Technically, it would also be possible to reincarnate in a parallel ‘universe'(really a parallel spiral arm of the Milky Way), or in a spiral time stream in some other spiral galaxy or some other reality. Also, we can easily imagine, that other consciousnesses are sliding through these spiral arms within planes of consciousness, moving outward on the spirals, that don’t normally get tangled up with each other. If any of them do get tangled up, then strange phenomena occur. Now for this idea of reincarnating as a worm or such. Not hardly. Once a consciousness gets to the level of human, that’s the level he’s going to evolve at for quite some time. There could be rare cases in which people regress a little, to dog perhaps, for some exceptional reason, but not a worm. Unless of course the individual experiences the 2nd death, because he’s become too evil and there’s no other recourse. In that case, the inhuman consciousness is eventually dissolved. In that case I suppose that the consciousness might eventually evolve up to the level of worm. But it wouldn’t be just one worm. It would be that whole species of worm, cockroach, dung beetle, etc., whatever form was appropriate for that consciousness.

    12. Blake Good says:

      I sure hope so! Ain’t no way in hell I’m reincarnating into the 22nd century! Lord only knows how awful our world will be, by then.

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