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Allie Mars is the alter ego of author Sharon Delarose, whose Kindle books appear here. Eyeball the Read Me menu for other formats, including other eBook formats. If your eBook reader isn’t listed, you can still read the Kindle version by downloading the free Kindle reader app from Amazon, which has both free Macintosh and Windows versions.

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien AbductionsAncient Aliens and the Lost IslandsAncient Aliens and the Age of Giants
Fomorian EarthShades of MolochRenegade Genius
Bad Dog to Best FriendTraining Your Dog to be Home AloneAudubon
The Wizard of AweOver the Hummingbird's RainbowKing of the Forest
Do Turtles Eat StrawberriesCaterpillar Rhyme TimeThe No No Bugs
The Cantor DimensionTen Dead Mice
666 and the IRS: Taxes are the Work of the DevilWedding Anniversary Gifts for Coin Collectors
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