Alex and Sierra and the X Factor Gloom Sisters

From their first audition on X Factor, I’ve been head over heels in love with Alex & Sierra, the hot singing duo from Florida that X Factor judge Paulina Rubio compared to Sonny & Cher. Paulina mirrored my thoughts exactly, but I’ll add that Alex Kinsey blows Sonny Bono right out of the water with his sexy voice and cutie pie looks, and as much as I loved Cher, I’ve gotta say I love Sierra Deaton way more. Sierra is gorgeous, funny, quirky, and I love hearing her sing. Together, Alex and Sierra are the bomb, and the moment they come on stage, I’m grinning from ear to ear. They have that effect, and they’re the X Factor contestants that I most look forward to.

The things they do to songs just blows me away, and my favorites so far are Alex & Sierra’s rendition of Britney Spear’s “Toxic”, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, and One Direction’s “Best Song Ever”.

But then came the Gloom Sisters, also known as the Witches of Eastwick according to Simon Cowell, referring to the three female judges on the panel — Demi Lovato, Paulina Rubio, and Kelly Rowland. Not only do I agree with Simon, it kills me to see the Gloom Sisters suck the joy out of my favorite singing duet. The opinion of the Gloom Sisters is not the be-all end-all and I hope Alex and Sierra know that.

My iPod has about 800 hand picked songs on it, meaning it only carries songs which I really love. All three of the Gloom Sisters are recording artists, and none of them are on my iPod. Alex & Sierra, however, have an honored place on my iPod, and I’m looking forward to many more.

As for the Gloom Sisters’ habit of badgering Sierra, I’d like to kick their arses off the judging panel. They are WRONG WRONG WRONG. Sierra sings beautifully, and her harmonies against Alex’s sultry voice gives me goosebumps. On stage, Alex and Sierra are absolutely captivating. They’re the ones I don’t want to miss. On my iPod, I could hit replay over and over, so their magic carries off the stage.

I wish somebody would sign them up for their own TV show, and let them be in charge of it, so that it wouldn’t get overrun with some backstage writer penning his idea of humor for canned laughter. Nobody does humor the way Alex & Sierra do, and I could watch them interact with one another, flirt, and sing songs for hours. Let them be who they are. I am totally sold!

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