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I recently read an entertaining book that makes you think by an author who only put out one book of its kind, and then went on to pen several vampire books. The book that makes you think disappeared into oblivion. The vampire books took off with all the popularity of the current vampire craze. People want vampires and zombies. Apparently they do not want books that make you think, even if the book is entertaining.

My books tend to be thinkers and it takes a special type of person to embrace them. Virtually every book I’ve written offers up a message of some sort, and most are non-fiction. Even the alien abduction book goes beyond what it’s like to be abducted and takes you into a place of deep thoughts. While none of us can know what the aliens are thinking or planning, we can speculate on their motives.

Speculation that involves mindless aliens taking over our bodies or serving us up on a platter sells like hotcakes. Speculation that is probably closer to the truth, comparing the UFO aliens to our own scientists, comparing their treatment of us to our treatment of other species, isn’t as popular. For some unfathomable reason, people want mindless man-eating monsters.

For all the thinkers of the world, there are authors who write books that make you think. I hope that I am one of them. My books are designed to send a message, one that makes the world a better place.

The three-volume An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series has two big messages. The obvious message is that you don’t need to travel beyond your own back yard to encounter really cool insects, animals and plants. Nature can wow you from any acre in America, or the world. The not-so-obvious message which is most prominent in the third book of the series, King of the Forest, shows you how close some of our more beloved species are to becoming completely and permanently extinct. Humans are obliterating other species and those species are disappearing, one by one.

I do not understand why the news media spends all of its time on guns, politics, crime, and the ever-changing hot story of the day, but ignores world changers such as animals on the road to extinction. Humans are obliterating everything that keeps this planet alive, and yet nobody is talking about it.

I’ve tried to keep An Acre of America light and entertaining which was not an easy task, especially while I was sobbing as I wrote portions of the book. How do you keep it easy breezy and fun to read while still getting the message out? That was the goal of King of the Forest which I released in May 2013.

On a lighter note is Bad Dog to Best Friend which is part entertainment, and part dog training book. The goal is to teach people how to keep their dogs instead of abandoning them to the dog pound. I’m hoping that Dakota’s story educates dog owners on how their dogs become bad dogs, and ways to avoid it.

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions shows you what it’s like to be abducted by aliens over and over, left with memories that feel like dreams, and screen memories that don’t match what really happened. It also speculates on alien motives and makes comparisons to biblical stories.

Yankee, Go Home ends with a powerful message on how our actions today might impact another human being for the rest of their life. One small act of kindness might change the course for another human being forever. Ditto for an act of cruelty. Each of us creates ripples like a pebble in a pond, and those ripples spread out far beyond a single moment.

Even the astrophysical murder mystery, The Cantor Dimension which blends fact with fiction, is a thinking book. Readers looking for a light read don’t embrace it. Fans of The Cantor Dimension tend to read a lot of heavy thinkers, thought provokers, and books loaded with scientific detail.

Personally I get into weird facts which is why you find them in my books. Sometimes a word or phrase sends me into fits of ecstasy: Bishop Sexwulf, Hoo All Hallows, King Offa, The Hundred of Hoo, and Xenotime crystals have that cool factor that my brain embraces and found their way into The Cantor Dimension. Hopefully there are readers whose brains wander the same weird trails.

Then there are stories and legends from the days of yore which I am compelled to share. Legends of human with tails, the Prince of Transylvania, the meaning of ‘the devil shits Dutchmen’, Jacob’s ‘gate of heaven’, the unsolved murder of the father of Edmond Halley who discovered Halley’s Comet, the Bats people and their time gods, and how human bones were used in the olden days, these facts and so many others are integral to The Cantor Dimension. Some reviewers blast the story for having “too many details” while others applaud it for the same reason. It all boils down to how much thinking you’re in the mood to do.

My wish for the world is for more people to embrace thinking, lest we all perish in a mountain of mindless monsters. Read a dog book that teaches humans how to be better dog owners. Get a glimpse into the real world of aliens instead of the bloodthirsty aliens of Hollywood fame. Slow down and witness the wonders in your own back yard. Read a book that makes you think.

Wander the bizarre trails of Sharon Delarose, author and storyteller.

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