Four Leaf Clovers Really Do Bring Good Luck!

Two days ago, I found a four leaf clover in the back yard. I was out with the dogs, but my eyes were focused on the ground looking for the tree frog who’d gone AWOL again from the back deck.

I noticed that the clovers were growing exceptionally large this year. They really stood out. And then I saw it — a giant, four leaf clover.

I stuck it inside of a David Eddings hardcover book, and two hours later got the good news that two books I’d narrated under a different narrator name went live. It was a good omen.

The following day, my little tree frog reappeared after a worrisome absence, as we’d had torrential rains right after he went exploring and I didn’t know if he’d found a safe haven. So the four leaf clover brought good news two days in a row.

This morning, I found another huge four leaf clover, and inserted it into the same David Eddings book. Within two hours, an incredibly awesome piece of news came. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, celebrate, dance, or explode!

A book I narrated was featured on a Fox News website, and it sang my praises as narrator. According to the article, Janie Goltz, an editor and publishing consultant had listened to the audiobook and said, “The narrator, Allie Mars, really represents this book well. It’s hilarious! The book is even funnier out loud.”

Several representatives of Wayman Publishing had chosen my voice as the perfect voice for the audiobook How to Avoid Having Sex.

I’d been looking for a sign from on high, found two lucky clovers, and immediately the good news started pouring in. Four leaf clovers are lucky indeed!

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    3 Responses to Four Leaf Clovers Really Do Bring Good Luck!

    1. Shikha says:

      Yesterday I found four leaf clover….I m happy coz I was searching it…but I didn’t get any good news…but I m gonna cherish that leaf n gonna keep myself

    2. Willie welks says:

      I just found a four leaf clover and almost immediately my stomach pain was gone.

    3. pascal menard says:

      this is the truth : i’m 41 years old and just a few days ago i found my 37 th four leaf clover , 38 if you count about two weeks ago i found my very first five leaf clover i’m a believer but is it really good luck ? one for each year ? my first four leaf clover i found i was 8 years old 31 years later i keep finding some here and there but very spontaneously and within minutes i’m still hoping and wishing for the big jack pot i realy need it i’m due !!!

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