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If you love vampires, join the Vamp Camp. If you hate vampires, join the Vamp Camp. The name of the Vamp Camp is Day Soldiers, and you can root for vampires and werewolves in their war against Humans, or you can join the day soldiers who fight for our right to live.

Day Soldiers is a series of books by author Brandon Hale. This very talented author may write about the dark side of vampires and werewolves, or pen horror story shorts such as Tales from Hale, but his own personal light shines as a beacon of joy into the world.

Brandon is fun. His blog is fun. His quirky personality is fun. If you are blessed to encounter him in your journeys, he will brighten your day. Few people can boast that talent.

Even in his darkest hours, Brandon’s light shines bright. If there’s an evil in the universe whose goal is to turn out the lights, then they found Brandon, because demons rose up from the bowels of hell, literally, to attack him.

His demons came in the form of colon cancer, BAM! Demons and devils, and maybe even the vampires he writes about, decided it was time to declare a personal war. And it’s a war we believe he will win.

Like his Day Soldiers, Brandon Hale is determined to vanquish the evil that took root in his colon. And in this fight there are two rules: Everything is funny, and he will conquer.

Several of his friends, and fans, have joined together in a Vamp Camp to help his fight. We’re blogging his books, his personal story, and telling the world about this really awesome dude.

I’ve read two of his books: Day Soldiers I, and The Gods and the Builders which is a solo book about first contact with extraterrestrial aliens. It doesn’t matter what he writes about, because he brings it to life in a way that keeps you turning the page.

You don’t even have to plunk down a penny to take a chance on this author. The first book in Day Soldiers is free, and if it grabs you, then you can buy into the rest of the series. Go for it.

Oh, and if you want to help out, but Brandon’s books aren’t your cup of tea, you can always donate a couple of bucks to the fund to help him pay the medical bills. They pile up pretty fast. Shares and tweets are welcome, too!

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