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Authors are having a love-hate relationship with Kindle Unlimited. Some are seeing increased sales from it, while others are reporting massive declines. Readers, however, are loving it. Kindle Unlimited offers yet another price-point option for reading books.

Those of us who had books in Amazon Select prior to Kindle Unlimited could opt to put each book free for 5 days out of 90, but unless it was the first book in a series, the giveaway didn’t offer much benefit to the author.

Now, with Kindle Unlimited, readers can pay a small monthly fee and read as many books as they want. Readers get to read, authors get paid, so it’s a win-win.

If you’re one to commune with nature, or you just enjoy looking at cool and unusual nature photos, the 3-book An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series is in Amazon Select and Kindle Unlimited, and so are all three Back Yard Nature Kids first-reader picture books.

Check them out through your Amazon Select membership and take them for a spin! If you’re not in the program, you can still buy them the old-fashioned way. The Acre of America series is also available in paperback, with Look Inside enabled, and with Halloween coming up soon, the first book is a must-have for a Halloween coffee table book.

The Wizard of Awe has creepy nature photos, and stories to go with each photo. Halloween is the unofficial theme for the book.

All six nature books are just a click away, so go for it!

An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series for Adults


Back Yard Nature Kids Books


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