My Vote is the American Idol Kiss of Death

My vote on American Idol is the kiss of death, that’s why I stopped voting. America never agrees with me on who should move forward, who should get kicked off, and who is Top Dog of the season.

This year, my absolute favorite is Candice Glover. Lordy lordy that girl has the most beautiful voice, and I love how she uses it. So many women with strong voices just belt it out, which to my ears is the same as hollering, but not Candice. She plays with the melody, and has this bluesy R&B throwback to the Motown era, but she puts the old Motown legends to shame.

Two weeks ago she wasn’t even in the top three and I just cuss out my fellow Americans, which don’t feel very fellow-like when I’m watching Idol Elimination Night. Last week she was in the top two, and by golly that’s where she belongs!

My other favorite is Angie Miller, though not as much for her singing as for the reminder of my favorite era, the seventies. Everything about Angie reminds me of the 70s — her hairstyle, eyes, smile. She so perfectly captures what we all wanted to look like back then. I am mesmerized by her face.

I’m also a fan of Janelle Arthur, who for some reason can’t get the judges or America on board. See what I mean by my vote being the kiss of death? If I like an Idol contestant, they might as well kiss it goodbye as the old song says.

Then there’s Kree Harrison. The judges worship the ground she walks on, and so does America. Me? Nope. Her voice just doesn’t stroke my eardrums in a pleasing manner. She’s a sweet, lovable girl, but I don’t care for her singing.

I won’t even go into Lazaro Arbos. Or maybe I will. For his touching story of overcoming obstacles, he flew high on American Idol for many weeks. Unfortunately, his voice was not top ten, top twelve, or even top fifty quality.

America loved his story of hope and perseverance. Perhaps even loved him for his resemblance to Ricky Ricardo of I Love Lucy fame. But American Idol is a singing competition, not a popularity vote, and I’m glad that we’re finally down to the genuine singers, which Curtis Finch, Jr. should have been part of but for some reason, fell off way too early. I’m not a fan of gospel music which he was perfectly suited for, but I sure did love hearing him sing!

As for the top five remaining girls, they all deserve to be where they are, and no matter which one wins, America can’t lose, but I’m still rooting for Candice. Who are you rooting for?

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