Which Sells More — Pro-Sex or Anti-Sex?

Yup, sex sells. It’s a proven fact. Busty bosoms sell cars. Bikinis sell whatever it is they sell. But on the internet sex can sink you. Guess how I know this?

I designed a shareware poker game. “Poker” needed to be the first word of the name of the game because that’s how people would search for it on a download site. I went through dozens of variations, Poker this and Poker that, trying to come up with a name for the poker game, and finally came up sheer brilliance‚Ķ Poker Hole.

It made perfect sense. You think of a game of poker being played in a back room somewhere, a hole in the wall. A dingy, smoke-filled hole in the wall with peanuts and potato chips and whiskey and beer and cigar smoke. Of course, the double meaning of Poker Hole would titillate the imagination of every man out there so that the name alone would sell the game.

Thus the shareware game “Poker Hole” was borne. I still have an email from a fella who said he bought the game just for the name, so the marketing works. Sex sells. Yup.

Trouble was, I couldn’t get the Poker Hole game listed on the download sites. I kept submitting it, and they kept ignoring it. My shareware games had ALWAYS been accepted by the download sites before, but this time, nope.

The download sites were “family friendly” and something called “Poker Hole” just didn’t fit the family friendly image, so I had to change the name of the game. I was so bummed out over giving up the perfect game name that my imagination totally failed and the game was renamed Poker Game. How original.

Once the name changed, sales trickled off, and the game eventually died. To this day, I lament the loss of Poker Hole. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but if you can’t get websites to post your link then the best name in the world will fail you.

So what does any of this have to do with Allie Mars, audiobook narrator? Well, sex again. I haven’t given up on that whole notion that sex sells, only this time I’ve covered all the angles — pro-sex and anti-sex.

If you don’t want to have sex, then How to Avoid Having Sex has you covered.

Suppose you want to get a guy all revved up and then drop him like a hot rock because he ogled your best friend when he thought you weren’t looking? Then start with How to Flirt With A Guy, which is guaranteed to get him all hot and bothered, and THEN follow up with How to Avoid Having Sex.

So the game is on between the pro-sex and anti-sex books. I’ve got audiobooks out there FOR, and AGAINST. So far, AGAINST is winning hands down. Apparently there are more people who want to avoid sex, than there are who want to rev it into high gear.

If you buy the How to Flirt With A Guy audiobook or the How to Avoid Having Sex audiobook, you’ll be officially casting your vote FOR SEX or AGAINST SEX.

P.P.S. Poker Hole died, but my blackjack shareware game has been going strong for more than ten years, just in case you’re interested.

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