Storm Defender Dog Cape – Part 2

Part 2 of the Storm Defender dog cape story was supposed to be about the big storm that came thundering in and whether the Storm Defender dog cape kept our dog calm during the storm. The story, however, took a different sort of twist.

Whereas thunder and lightning storms had been rolling into Georgia almost daily before the Storm Defender arrived in Storm Defender Dog Cape – Part 1, once the dog storm jacket arrived the clouds parted and the sun came out. For three weeks there wasn’t even a hint of a storm to try out the Storm Defender on. We made the joke that the Storm Defender must have worked like an anti-rainmaker by preventing thunderstorms from coming in the first place.

Remember the stories of the rainmakers of old, breezing into town with promises that they could make it rain for a small fee? Our Storm Defender dog jacket seemed to work in the opposite, keeping the storms away.

After three weeks of clear blue skies it was time for us to take a road trip with our dogs. We scoped out the weather at our destination so that we’d know how to pack and according to the weatherman, our vacation spot had at least two days of thunderstorms during our visit. I decided that the Storm Defender dog cape needed to go with us and I packed it just in case.

The day we arrived brought sunshine and blue skies as expected. The storms weren’t scheduled to blow in for another day so we enjoyed the balmy summer weather knowing we’d get rained out for the rest of our days there.

Day 2 started out with clear sunny skies and not a cloud to be seen. I kept waiting for the storm clouds to materialize but they did not. Day 3 brought the same: sunshine, clear blue skies and not a drop of rain.

We had arrived on a Saturday and stayed until Wednesday, leaving Wednesday morning for the road trip back home to Georgia. We had sunshine for all of the days we were there. Just as our weatherman in Georgia had done, the weatherman at our vacation spot had predicted thunderstorms and the Storm Defender dog cape had kept them away.

The first thing I did when we got home was to check the weather forecast. It was just after midnight and the day was scheduled to be sunny and clear. The following day however, had that nifty little lightning cloud icon we’d been chasing after since the Storm Defender dog cape had arrived. This time we’d get to try it out for sure.

As promised, the day was sunny and clear. I checked the weather again just before bed fully expecting to see the thunderstorm icon but this time, it was gone. The thunderstorm prediction had completely vanished and the rest of the week predicts beautiful sunny skies. The 10-day forecast shows three thunder and lightning storms next week but I’ve given up on believing the weatherman.

Almost five weeks have passed since the Storm Defender dog jacket arrived and not a week has gone by without predictions of thunder and lightning storms wherever we are. Not one of the storms has materialized. So far the Storm Defender is worth its weight in gold for keeping the storms away, especially on our vacation when we had a few days at home after the road trip.

As the Storm Defender dog cape comes with a full money-back guarantee, we’re hoping that there isn’t a time limit on the guarantee. You need to try it for at least three storms before returning it for a refund but there isn’t a reference such as a “30-day money back guarantee” so we don’t know what happens if there simply are no thunder and lightning storms for an extended period.

When the rainstorms finally do arrive, we’ll post Part 3 of the Storm Defender story. We absolutely believe that the Storm Defender dog cape will give our dog relief from her fears by preventing the build up of static electricity around her, but until the thunder and lightning storms materialize, all we can offer is to say Stay Tuned for Storm Defender Dog Cape – Part 3… (Originally posted on June 3, 2011.)

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