Tree Face Bird Houses

There is nothing more exciting than your birds coming home to roost, especially if you’ve been waiting for years for them to roost up the nose of a tree face bird house.

My husband had been wanting tree faces, and he’d been wanting bird houses. The internet in all its wondrous glory led me to bird houses with faces on the front, so you can guess what my husband got for Christmas that year.

Offering the appearance of a carved wood tree face, I fell in love with the tree face bird houses I found. Some were actually made of carved wood while others were made of resin that simulated carved wood.

For me the ultimate tree face bird house was a bearded face with a big smile known as Old Man Face from the Birdie in the Woods series by Red Carpet Studios. The Old Man Face bird house had prominent nose holes for the birds to fly in and out of. The thought of watching a bird of paradise fly up his nose was something I just had to watch.

Old Man Face Birdie in the Woods Bird House

Anyone who was old enough in the sixties to listen to the radio will remember country singer Little Jimmy Dickens big hit, “May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose.” Even if you were not a country music fan, the song was memorable for its energy and lyrics, which tickled everybody in the sixties for various reasons.

Kids loved it, being in love with anything that involved sticking something up your nose. Hippies loved it for the suggestion of partaking of various snorted substances. Country music fans loved it simply because it was an energetic country song. And everyone else loved it for its finger-snapping beat and humorous lyrics.

The song was an all-around winner and it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the Old Man Face bird house. I hadn’t heard the song in decades but the bird house brought it back as if it were yesterday.

The other tree face bird house was also from the Birdie in the Woods series and was known as Zeus Face. He beckoned the birds with an open mouth to fly into. While the Zeus Face bird house lacked the humor of the Old Man Face, it was still a desirable tree face addition for our woods.

Zeus Face Birdie in the Woods Bird House

Both bird houses had clean out holes in the back, which is a must to keep your bird houses clean and disease free when the birds move out. Think of yourself as maid service for a birdie apartment complex, with the job of cleaning out the old nests when the apartment goes empty.

We hung both bird houses in the spring of 2010 and watched with avid interest for the birds to take up residence therein. Nothing happened. The birds shunned the bird houses and instead crafted old-fashioned bird nests up in the trees. We had a lot of trees so in reality, the birds didn’t really need bird houses.

All through 2010 and 2011 we watched for birds to take an interest in our tree face bird houses, and finally in the spring of 2012 we were rewarded. A small bird took an interest in flying up the nose of the Old Man Face bird house. I watched with child-like fascination as the tiny bird flew up the nose of the old man, hearing the Bird of Paradise song in my head as I watched, and I smiled with happiness. Those of us who remember the sixties tend to smile at the oddest things.

As for why it took so long for the birds to adopt our bird house, I concluded that maybe the bird houses had to “lose” their manufactured, human smell and take on the smells of nature.

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