Destruction of the World as Predicted in the End of Days Prophecies

The world in complete and utter chaos, a dark age of destruction where humans have lost 75% of their goodness and decency, humanity decays, and liars prevail, while presumption and menace become subterfuges for learning — this was predicted in the Hindu holy books End of Days prophecies, as well as in the prophecies of Enoch, the Christians, Norse religions, and by the Celtic druids.

We are living in the Fourth Age, an age of depravity unrestrained by any law where every man’s hand is against his neighbor. Lies are mistaken for truth, and truth for lies. Justice will be sought and not found. Cities will be devastated. Sinners will alter the words of truth. This is the Age of Kali Yuga, an age of extreme hardship for people who still hold true to moral ideals and values.

Turn on the news for just one news cycle. Look around, what do you see? Cities on fire, crimes without punishment, bitter hatred of our fellow man, the celebration of lies and manipulation of truth, with no justice to be seen anywhere — exactly what our ancestors predicted.

It’s as if the ancients looked into a crystal ball thousands of years ago and saw our world today. They described our current events with perfect clarity, and they told us what comes after, though there is a long time between what we’re seeing now and the true end of life as we know it.

Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, Creation and Armageddon, the old world passes away and a new world is born. There will be New Heavens, a New Earth, and humans will be reborn in New Bodies. But what does this mean?

Arcane numerology merges with the chronology given in Hindu holy books, the Christian Bible, Babylonian king lists, the anthropological creation of Homo sapiens, the physical Evolution of Mankind, world destructions, and the rise and fall of civilizations, even to predicting the birth of Christ. The biblical Adam may have represented an age, the most primitive age, rather than a single man.

Ragnarok of the Scandinavians tells the same story as the Cherokee Indian legends, that we are living in a solar system with two suns. Modern-day seer Baba Vanga, who is known as Nostradamus of the Balkans, also predicted a cataclysmic cosmic event in our solar system, and so did an ancient druid prophecy. Modern astronomers have found evidence to support the theories that our ancient ancestors put forth thousands of years ago.

There is no disconnect between the world’s creation legends, flood legends, sciences, astronomy, anthropology, archeology, mythology, and religions. All of the puzzle pieces fit together once you find the key, and the truth is astounding.

The latter half of the book Nordic Aliens and the Forbidden Islands of the Gods is devoted to the Creation of Mankind, the Armageddon prophecies and the physical evidence which supports them, the Rapture, and the Golden Age of Peace that follows.

Our ancestors who lived the period of Earth’s extraterrestrial history when Nordic aliens walked openly among us prophesied the return of these Otherworld Beings at the End of Days — will you be ready?

Explore provocative theories on the decline of humanity, the Antichrist, and the arrival of a massive flying city designed to facilitate the Rapture of humans to an off-world location for safety in Nordic Aliens and the Forbidden Islands of the Gods: Through the Wormhole: Flying Cities, the Giants of India, Human Creation, and Armageddon.

Skeptics will remain skeptical, and believers will believe.

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