Extraterrestrial Ants and the Power of Illusion

When ants invade the kitchen, I’m in charge of setting the booby traps. So when Bear came to me and said, “The counter is SWARMING with ants!” I went running to see where they were coming from so that I could set the traps accordingly.

The only trouble was, I couldn’t find a single ant. Not one.

Bear scrunched up his face in disbelief. He looked and looked, but he couldn’t find an ant either. So he said, “Well, maybe it was just ONE ant and it was running all around…”

One ant that looked like a swarm. That got me thinking. Extraterrestrials have the ability to make one soldier look like a platoon. The Celtic deity Manannan mac Lir made one man appear as a hundred, and even a thousand, when enemies approached in battle.

He and his brethren came down out of the sky into Ireland, where they rid the beleaguered Irish people of a nasty race of giants known as Fomorians, a race of giants featured in Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants, which describes several ancient races of giants in Ireland, Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and even the Americas.

The biblical giants and their angelic fathers are described in graphic detail, along with the true nature of the great sin of the fallen angels. Commingling was just one small part of it.

Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands includes a segment on ants becoming humans, but the truth isn’t what you’d expect. These weren’t “ant people” such as we think of with Hopi legends. Nor were they related to insects.

Stories that live outside the realm of belief often have logical explanations, such as that of the Phoenix bird rising from the ashes, which is also dissected in Lost Islands.

  • Lost Islands and Age of Giants

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