Extraterrestrial Evacuation of Humans

Do you believe that the end of the world will come in the next hundred years? Armageddon, the San Andreas fault ripping apart triggering deadly earthquakes, a nuclear holocaust, World War 3, an asteroid slamming into Earth, a deadly global pandemic — the causes are endless. Maybe we’ll contaminate our food and water sources, or the Earth will tilt on its axis. Overpopulation could do us in, if the resources of Mother Earth cannot keep up with the ever-expanding population. Climate changes could cause global flooding, as in the days of Noah’s Ark.

If you believe that even one of these scenarios is possible, then you’ve just got to wonder, what are we going to do when it happens? Is there a contingency plan for the average Joe? Sure, the Big Boys have their high-tech, fully-stocked, underground bunkers, but what about the rest of us? Are we relegated to doom, gloom, and death? Is that why the government has so many body bags? Or why it is more intent in keeping us happy today at the expense of good policy decisions for tomorrow? Because it doesn’t believe that there will BE a tomorrow?

An even bigger question is why we aren’t working harder to build a space program that could move Earth’s population to another planet. We were all gung ho about trying to bring the Star Trek vision to life, but now, you just don’t hear much about it anymore. Instead of focusing on taking us out into space, the governments are spending their money on everything but. That scares me. Have they given up hope of us achieving the goal in time?

Or perhaps the government knows that extraterrestrial spaceships are whizzing across the galaxy, and the reliance is on our Space Brothers coming to evacuate us. Yes, that is possible. Extraterrestrial UFOs have been visiting Earth since the dawn of man, literally, and that’s the topic of ancient astronaut theory.

Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands looks at the technology they used on Earth, immortality, mythical cities, lost civilizations, wormholes and portals. Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants focuses on the extraterrestrial giants who lifted mankind out of the Stone Age and into the Bronze Age, and then left. Evidence includes giant skeletons, mummies, ruins of ancient cities, and descriptions of the giants from every corner of the world.

In those days, extraterrestrial humanoids walked among us. They lived among us as kings, queens, and gods. They were so advanced that we fell to our knees in awe. They taught us how to farm, and build cities, and keep livestock. Once enough of us got the hang of it, they left. Now they just fly overhead and watch over us from afar. Their physical involvement is covert.

We spend a lot of brainpower trying to figure out alien motives, and what they’re actually doing when they come here. The bigger question we should be asking is, “Would the extraterrestrials be willing to evacuate Humans to another planet if our world could no longer sustain us?” Can they help us, yes, but would they help us?

Pan out away from your neighborhood and your group of friends, and position yourself on a starship orbiting Earth. You don’t know the friendly Johnsons next door. You don’t see boundaries between France and Germany, or Mexico and the United States, or China and India, or Russia and Finland. All you see are land masses teeming with people, and all of these people are Humans.

What are they doing down there? Oh look! A bomb just went off! People screaming!

Oh look! That continent has a water shortage, but a group of men just poisoned a water hole with cyanide to kill elephants for their tusks. And across the world, another continent is dumping toxic chemicals into their rivers and lakes. Are they idiots?

Oh look! There’s a bunch of Humans chopping the heads off of other Humans. That’s some pretty scary stuff. Maybe we’re not getting the full picture, so let’s fly down a little closer and hover over a neighborhood. What are they doing now?

Oh look! That Human just shot his neighbor in the head. And another Human jumped a man walking down the street and beat him up for a $20 bill. Good grief! Even their kids are brutal. Look at those bullies on the playground beating up on that little kid!

And over there… another Human is off torturing some innocent animal, and the Human is laughing. Wow.

And there’s some people KIDNAPPING other people, killing them for fun or selling them for profit!

And have you gotten a good look at their news media footage? Hideous images of Humans doing horrific things. Where’s the love and laughter? Where’s the friendship? If this is how they treat each other, how would these Humans treat strangers, like us? Do we really want them as our neighbors?

Even with all of their civilized advances, Humans are still just barbarians. I guess they don’t understand the “civil” part of civilization. They didn’t get the memo: “Do unto others…” and “Love thy neighbor…”

Maybe we shouldn’t even refer to them as “Humans” because they haven’t quite earned the title. Perhaps we should change it to “Inhumans” or just Earthlings.

These Earthlings treat each other horribly. They’ve divided themselves into groups which they call countries, and color-coded groups, and divisions by languages, and religions — the keyword here being “divide.” They’ve created a Great Divide, and each division despises the others. We’re not seeing the love down there, but there sure is a lot of hatred and death. Everywhere we look, Humans are making one another miserable.

And now they’re in trouble on a global scale. Should we help them? We can’t fix stupid so Earth itself is toast; Humans destroyed the planet that sustains them. But we could move a bunch of them onto some other planet. The trouble is, do we really want to?

So… these Humans… can we trust them not to do to us, what they’re doing to each other? Is it even worth it for us to give them a new beginning? What’s in it for us, to save them? What do they bring to the universal table?

* * * * *

That’s the conversation that WE would be having, if it were us orbiting a planet of humanoids, debating the fate of the people based on their actions and achievements. Poisoning one’s own water supply would outweigh the achievement of inventing solar power technology that nobody uses. Neverending murders or genocide on a global scale would outweigh the benevolence of Mother Theresa. We’d calculate percentages, and draw up charts and graphs in hundred year increments.

Is the health of planet Earth better today than 100 years ago, as a direct result of their actions? Are the people themselves, as a whole, better off than they were 100 years ago? And the 100 years before that, and that? Are they making good choices overall?

They have the technology to use solar power, but instead they pollute. Their think tanks measure population trends against available resources, but do nothing to address the findings.

World population growth graph

Some of them are just plain MEAN. They’d rather tear someone down and make them miserable, than spread happiness and joy, and all it takes is a few words. Their internet postings demonstrate their truest thoughts, unfiltered. Instead of being productive members and contributing to society, some of them just go out robbing and stealing from their hard-working neighbors.

But this isn’t about THEM, it’s about US. Because Earth is the planet under scrutiny, and Humans are the species being studied.

* * * * *

Every human being on Earth contributes to our acceptance by the galactic travelers — or, we contribute to the demise of humanity by acts of our own stupidity. Let’s start a chain reaction that guarantees our acceptance. Let’s mold humanity into a species worth rescuing.

What do YOU bring to the Human table? What choices do YOU make on a daily basis that reflect positively on our species?

  • Lost Islands and Age of Giants

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