Government UFO Conspiracies

Last year I published my own personal UFO story of alien abduction, which included vivid UFO dreams that I believe are screen memories of UFO and extraterrestrial encounters. Now if you were to ask me who I’d compare myself to, of the UFO experiencers, it would be Whitley Strieber.

Once he realized that he was being abducted by UFOs, he began a personal journey of learning, of attempting to understand, of messages. While I haven’t shared my journey yet, I’ve done the same thing.

In the meantime, a few people have reached out to me, only not in the way I’d anticipated. An alien encounter can be frightening and difficult to understand, and believe me, I’ve been as scared as anybody out there, but human attempts to explain these encounters are far more frightening to me than anything the aliens have done.

It’s not all about government conspiracies, people. Seriously. Alien abduction, screen memories, and UFO experiences can all happen without the government somehow being in bed with the aliens, or the aliens being at the root of some evil or another in our society. I think we’re perfectly capable of generating our own evils without extraterrestrial help, and from everything I’ve personally experienced, or taken the time to learn about, I don’t see a big doom and gloom conspiracy going on.

Maybe it boils down to our own personal belief systems, and how we perceive the universe. I embrace Star Trek and Stargate SG-1, which give us a balanced view of what we might encounter out there, and above all, encourage us to think about our own actions and choices. I embrace Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I embrace the ancient astronaut theorists.

I’ve got no use for the mindless alien movies that are so prevalent. The evidence of thousands of years of visiting us simply doesn’t support some of the more frightening theories. I’m sure we’ll encounter the gamut of species once we swim out into the vast ocean of the universe, the good as well as the bad. But regarding the ones who’ve come and left their mark, many of those encounters involve them teaching us or guiding us.

I see two sides of the extraterrestrial visitors. One, that the ET aliens have been visiting us for thousands of years, and are linked to some of the major leaps forward in mankind’s history. And two, that they’re human, in the sense that they can disagree among themselves, and make individual choices of free will, just like we do. Sometimes those choices are positive, and sometimes they take a wrong turn.

As for our government, I am not even going to justify some of the conspiracy theories people are trying to rope me into. If you’re looking for an abductee who’ll support your conspiracy theories, you’ll have to find someone else to invite to that game board. What I will give you credit for, is forcing me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

I’ve asked myself the question of what mark I want to leave on this world. What can I do with my life that will generate good karma, and put my spirit at peace that I’ve left behind something positive? And how do my UFO experiences fit into that? What have they taught me or shown me that could be of benefit to mankind?

I don’t have a clue whether they were instrumental in showing me the wondrous side of nature, or starting me on that path of discovery. Maybe I did that all on my own. I don’t know if my deep belief in our spirituality was sparked by the extraterrestrials, or my own desire to learn. Perhaps all they did was encourage my desire to learn, and see things from a balanced perspective.

Either way, the end result is the same. What I hope to leave as my legacy to the world involves encouraging others to love nature, to embrace the amazing power within our own spirits, and to help pave the way for our governments to openly acknowledge the extraterrestrials. Not by demanding that the governments release top secret information, but by looking at how this phenomenon changes our world, and what we can do to make this transition smoother. — Officially, Sharon Delarose

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions was the first step on my journey. It’s the story of my own realization of personal UFO experiences and alien encounters, full of the fear of the unknown.

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