Meet the Amazon Queens for Women’s History Month

If you missed the memo that March was Women’s History Month, don’t worry, most historians missed the memo that in a remote period of Earth’s history, women ruled kingdoms so vast that you might say these women ruled the world.

But the Amazon queens were not ordinary women — they were giants. And it wasn’t just a single remote colony — their kingdoms spanned the entire globe. Amazon women built cities, roads, bridges, and irrigation systems. They established botanical gardens with fruit, vegetables, and fountains along roadways so that weary travelers could eat, drink, and rest.

They led armies of men into war, while human soldiers kidnapped them at every turn as gifts for the king, as slaves, and to force them into motherhood.

The Amazon queens controlled vast regions of Asia, Africa, America, China, India, and beyond. They were daughters of the Greek gods. They may have been akin to Nordic aliens flying the skies today. Their history is told in Bergen’s 2019 Nordic Aliens and the Amazon Queens: Through the Wormhole: Giant Warrior Women Who Ruled the World.

  • Amazon Queens: Giant Warrior Women who Ruled the World

    Amazon Queens - Giant Warrior Women Who Ruled the World
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