Dirty Old Men Face Off in the Year of Dirty Politics


Let’s face it — Donald Trump is a Dirty Old Man. Bill Clinton is a Dirty Old Man. And so are a gazillion other men. Why do you think some religions allow men to have multiple wives? Why do middle-aged …

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Declutter Your House the Easy Way


Having a sheriff traipse through your house with eyes on EVERYTHING is like somebody shining a spotlight through a magnifying glass onto a pimple. Suddenly, you see every embarrassment that you’ve hidden away, every secret stash of unmentionables. But sheriffs …

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Wikileaks Hacked Emails Conspiracy

One of the biggest conspiracy theories out there is how Wikileaks is influencing the U.S. 2016 presidential election by releasing secret documents that ordinary citizens were never supposed to see. Among the bombshells released so far is that the Democratic …

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Installing OSX Snow Leopard on a 2012 Mac Pro 5,1 Computer


Yes, you can install Macintosh OS X Snow Leopard on a 2012, Mac Pro 5,1 silver tower desktop computer. Websites that tell you otherwise are not wholly wrong, they just don’t have all the facts. Let me begin by saying …

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What’s Really Behind the Violence at Donald Trump Events?


Just days away from “Super Tuesday” March 15, which is one of the most influential voting primaries in the 2016 Republican campaign cycle, support rallies for Donald Trump have erupted with violence giving the anti-Trump movement exactly what it needs …

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Baba Vanga — the Bulgarian Nostradamus

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live in the sphere of Nostradamus when he was still alive? To be in the same room with a man who could see into the future? Well just ask the Bulgarians, …

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Could We Reincarnate into the Past?


We think of time as being linear, moving from yesterday to today and then tomorrow, but physicists tell us that it’s all happening at the same time, that our perception of time is just a convenience. What if it’s true? …

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Woolly Bear Caterpillar Predicts End of the World

The end of days, Ragnarök, Armageddon, the apocalypse… we’ve all heard the predictions of a catastrophic end-of-the-world scenario, or at least the end of the world as we know it. The biblical Book of Revelation predicted it. The Mayan Calendar …

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Extraterrestrial Evacuation of Humans


Do you believe that the end of the world will come in the next hundred years? Armageddon, the San Andreas fault ripping apart triggering deadly earthquakes, a nuclear holocaust, World War 3, an asteroid slamming into Earth, a deadly global …

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Ominous Splashing in the Lake on a Dark and Creepy Night

I let the dogs out for their nighttime potty and went out onto the back deck to look up at the stars. It was a week before Thanksgiving and cold weather was reaching its fingers out for a touch, but …

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