Podcast: The Altered History of the Fairies of Ireland

The Altered History of the Fairies of Ireland, Ancient Nordic Aliens Who Rescued Us From Giants

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The Fairies of Ireland might be the key to surviving the End of Days. Ancient Nordic Aliens came down to Earth in the Bronze Age. We knew them as the Fairies of Ireland or Tuatha de Danann, and by other names around the world. We knew these beings, these extraterrestrials. They lived among us. But today, after thousands of years of people in power altering history, and erasing Earth’s extraterrestrial history, we don’t know them any more. But we should. Because our ancestors told us that the giant extraterrestrials will be back, and we aren’t prepared. UFOs fly the skies today, scientists tell us that we’re in a Mass Extinction Event, while End of Days prophecies lay out a timeline that might have already begun. Studying ancient aliens may be the key to understanding and preparing for Earth’s extraterrestrial future.

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