Tuatha de Danann and the Island of Demar

In the early fall of 2013, I published Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands: Through the Wormhole, which went deep into ancient alien theories I’d not heard anyone talking about. I may have even pioneered some of these theories, and now it seems as if everyone is talking about them, but with different opinions.

For example, others are linking the ancient aliens known as the Tuatha dé Danann to the mythical “round” island of Hy Brasil off the coast of Ireland, making no mention of the island of Demar. Both islands appear on ancient maps from the 1500s, though Hy Brasil is depicted as being either star-shaped, or as a pair of elongated islands.

An early 1500s map by Abraham Ortelius shows both islands, with Hy Brasil (or just Brasil) to the west of the southern shore of Ireland, and Demar being even further west, and quite a distance south. Abraham Ortelius revised the locations on a 1595 map, moving Demar to where he’d previously placed Hy Brasil, and moving Hy Brasil much further north. In the early map he depicts Hy Brasil as two elongated islands side by side. In the later map he draws it in the shape of a star.

A map of Europe located at the University of Salzburg dated circa 1570 more closely mirrors Ortelius’ map of 1595, with Hy Brasil being a single island to the west of Ireland, at the latitude of Ireland’s northern shore. Demar is west, about a third of the way up from the southern shore.

Other old maps depict both islands, with Hy Brasil being either an elongated island, or a double island. The maps usually name it Brasil, rather than Hy Brasil, the latter being the name used in ancient texts. This tiny, mythical island is not to be confused with the South American country of Brazil.

Demar, however, is the island that caught my interest. In plugging both island’s names into a translater looking to see what their names might mean, de mar came up as Romanian for “apple”, and as Portuguese for “sea.”

Virtually every mythical island associated with ancient aliens was also associated with apples, particularly apples of immortality, a concept covered in-depth in the book Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands: Through the Wormhole. For example, the mythical island of Avalon was known as the Vale of Apples or Isle of Apples. The Norse gods had apples of immortality guarded by the goddess Idunn, and there were many others.

Then we have Manannán mac Lir, one of the most important personages of the Tuatha dé Danann. He’s considered a sea god, the son of Lir, the very name Lir meaning “sea.” He was also known as Manannán of Emhain of the Apple Trees, and his primary home was on a cloaked island usually believed to be the Isle of Man, which was named after him.

However, the Tuatha dé Danann and Manannán mac Lir were associated with many hidden islands or cloaked islands off the coast of Ireland, and with Manannán mac Lir’s connection to apples, and the island of Demar’s connection to apples, it’s a good bet that Demar was one of their hidden strongholds.

Next article in this series: Were the Tuatha de Danann Ancestors of the Nordic Aliens or the Gray Aliens?

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    3 Responses to Tuatha de Danann and the Island of Demar

    1. Site and yours gratefully Susan Cunningham says:

      This is intriguing , I believe that these Islands do exist, , I only wish their was more info on this subject , the story about healing is upper most. In my mind as I heard once that there was some people found off the coast of Wales in the 1700 to 1800s who Had the ability to fix broken bones i.e. legs and arms catch this kind of healing was not known catch up at that time I have always been intrigued to read a story came from thank you for the info that I am drained from this Site and yours gratefully Susan Cunningham

      • Allie says:

        More info coming soon! I hadn’t heard about the Wales incident. Do you remember where you heard it?

      • The Grand Poobah says:

        Look on Google Earth
        Hy Brasil is at 52,35,09 N 14,03,08 W
        Demar 52,01,38 N 14,16,50 W

        You can see both clear as day

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