Alligator in the Barn and Santa Claus in the Sky

Proof of alien abduction? In the book, Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions, I shared a dream I had in 1993 when I was 35 years old, a vivid dream about an unidentified object traveling across the midnight sky leaving a wide pinkish streak in its wake, followed by dozens upon dozens of shooting stars all across the sky. I was with two men, one with reddish hair, and we thought surely it must be Santa Claus! Though the other man was skeptical.

I speculated that the red-haired man denoted my biological father who I hadn’t seen since I was 2 years old and wouldn’t have recognized on the street, and I wondered if this dream was a resurfacing memory since I knew that my biological father had red hair.

A few years later I reconnected with my biological father, found him very easy to talk to, so I asked him about the event. I was absolutely and utterly stunned to discover that this was indeed the memory of a real event which took place in 1959, one of the last times I saw my father before our family blew apart. And with his added information, I was able to corroborate the celestial event and its timing with newspaper reports and historical data.

He said that it was a giant fireball that looked like a rocketship burning up, and that it stayed parallel to the horizon, lighting up the entire sky leaving a trail of what looked like sparklers or shooting stars. He and his friend had taken me to the park while the wives stayed at home.

He did not remember conversations, but being that I was two years old and the sighting took place in December, one would expect a father to say, “Look! Up in the sky! There goes Santa Claus!” Where the other guy would say, “Naw, that’s not Santa Claus. It can’t be!” And the father looking at his young daughter would reply, “Sure it is! That’s Santa Claus!” And thus, I would have believed that I was witnessing Santa Claus flying through the skies, and that is the memory that carried into my dream of 33 years later.

In addition to the fireball streaking across the sky, there was also UFO activity in the skies that night which I detailed in Alien Nightmares.

This very real memory resurfacing as a vivid dream 33 years after the event shows that other vivid dreams from the same period, those dreams involving UFOs and aliens, might also have been resurfacing memories — bizarre alien and UFO dreams being a main topic of the Alien Nightmares book. Waking remembered events also appear in the book, strange events that along with the dreams suggest repeated alien abductions, such as missing pregnancies and the time I went missing as a child, and possibly also as an adult.

During that same period of the Santa Claus dream in the late 1980s-early 1990s I dreamt of an alligator in a barn, a frightening dream that scared me badly. It was so bizarre, so preposterous to dream of an alligator in a barn, I completely discounted it. I could not imagine what could possibly have triggered such a bizarre dream.

I was born and raised in Upstate New York and spent most of my life in regions that did NOT feature alligators roaming the backyards hither and yon. I just chalked it up as a crazy dream, nonsensical, until in 2016 I was talking to my biological father. We’d become good friends and talked about all sorts of things.

He told me that he once drove down to the Florida Keys and when he came back to New York, he brought a baby alligator with him. He had NO idea of the bizarre dream I’d had, a dream I’d never spoken of to anyone.

He kept the alligator in a barn in a metal washtub full of water, with a rock to climb up on. It started out in the basement where he fed it from the eraser end of a pencil. Then his father attempted to feed it without the pencil and got bit. After which the alligator got moved to the barn.

This was in the 1950s. Based on his memory of the timeline, I was born two years after the alligator died so I did not see it. But I would have heard stories about it. My biodad was a talker, a story-teller, always true stories but larger than life. He did not need to embellish because his life itself was larger than life, and I’ve got dozens of newspaper articles verifying many of the stories he has told me, such as when he witnessed a UFO. He was named in the newspaper as one of many witnesses.

Newspaper and sheriff’s office phone lines lit up “like Christmas trees” over the UFO sighting from hundreds of witnesses including firemen. The UFO traveled at “terrific speed.” It was noiseless, metallic, white or yellow like the moon, and witnesses thought they were seeing a rocket ship, or guided missile, or meteor, or a flying saucer. The “official” explanation was that the UFO was an ordinary jet plane in spite of witnesses claiming otherwise.

While his pet alligator did not make it into the newspapers as far as I know, he often regaled people with stories about the alligator especially in those early years so even though I did not see it, I would have heard stories about an alligator in the barn as a baby up until I was two years old.

His alligator had quite the personality. He swore that it “laughed.” One time he had it in a motel bathtub and it disappeared from the bathtub. They found it behind a curtain, one of those floor-length motel curtains, and it seemed to be laughing.

The point here being that during one of the hottest periods of UFO activity — the Wytheville UFO flap of 1987-1988, the Gulf Breeze UFO flap of 1987-1992, the Belgium UFO wave of 1989-1990, and the Hudson Valley UFO wave of 1981-1987 which preceded the others — I was not only dreaming of aliens and UFOs and having strange waking encounters, the vivid memories of childhood events were resurfacing in my dreams.

Now if some dreams were actual resurfacing memories, then what about the others? My childhood was full of bizarre dreams of little grey aliens (though mine weren’t grey), UFOs, and tasks so bizarre that they defy logic — unless that logic includes alien encounters.

Skeptics will remain skeptical, and believers will believe.

I’ve shared some of my extraterrestrial experiences in the book Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions. It’s full of high strangeness, bizarre tasks and puzzles, mushroom-skinned beings, clusters of abductions which coincide with known UFO flaps, and fright nights of sheer and utter terror. Don’t read it on a dark and creepy night.

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