Dirty Old Men Face Off in the Year of Dirty Politics

Let’s face it — Donald Trump is a Dirty Old Man. Bill Clinton is a Dirty Old Man. And so are a gazillion other men. Why do you think some religions allow men to have multiple wives? Why do middle-aged men ditch their wives for younger women? Because they are Dirty Old Men looking to get some from a Pretty Young Thing.

And you don’t just wake up one day at 50 years old and realize that Hey, you’re a Dirty Old Man! No, it starts as soon as the teenage hormones kick in and the nether regions take control. Dirty Old Men start out as horny teenagers and then spend a lifetime honing their Get Lucky skills, each in his own way, whether by hook, or by crook.

Donald Trump and Bill Clinton didn’t just have One Time Flings that hit the media and went viral. We can follow their womanizing escapades back for decades from the women who said Yes, to the women who said No, to the women who Accused.

It’s a good bet that both men have a sordid, seedy history with women, because they are Dirty Old Men with money and power and that opens a lot of doors as Donald said in the viral video.

The unlucky sod who doesn’t have either one invests most of his longing in magazines and videos, or he just turns on cable TV where shows like Game of Thrones, Deadwood, Spartacus, and Rome either help him to feed the need or fuel the fires.

Now this isn’t to say that abusive or aggressive behavior should be excused, celebrated, or condoned, even though we are bombarded with it constantly across the spectrum of entertainment media. If a man can’t get it by hook, he shouldn’t be thinking it’s okay to get it by crook just because they do it on TV. Most men curb the urge and choose to be gentlemen but make no mistake, the urge is always there, lurking under the surface.

And as far as being just plain lewd and lascivious, it’s a lot more common than people realize and often just as unwelcome. Just ask any bartender or cocktail waitress about the true nature of a man when he drinks away his inhibitions. Like at frat parties… hardly a week goes by without a news headline of Hormones Gone Wrong at a frat party.

If there’s no such thing as Dirty Old Men, then why do we have Peeping Toms, and Hooters, and the Playboy franchise? And why have explicit TV at all if there isn’t a market for it? Because hiding behind that clean-cut hair, suit and tie, most men battle testosterone urges. They think it, they just don’t say it unless they have a trusted friend to let it all hang out with.

Some countries allow men to have harems because Dirty Old Men make all the rules. We even celebrate Dirty Old Men in movies such as the 2016 movie “Dirty Grandpa” in which Robert De Niro stars as grandpa.

So here we have Donald Trump and Bill Clinton facing off as two Dirty Old Men to the horror and delight of the American populace, who remain glued to their TV screens for the Dirty Politics of this 2016 presidential election. All across the airwaves Americans are duking it out over who’s the Biggest, Baddest, Dirty Old Man of them all. The media pretends to be horrified but in truth they are eating it up because Sex Sells, and nothing boosts ratings better than a sex scandal.

Unfortunately, the mud wrestling contest of Dirty Politics detracts from voters getting to know the candidates’ positions intimately enough to cast an informed vote, and Bill Clinton isn’t even a candidate although you can bet that he’ll be active behind the scenes if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency. Just imagine Slick Willie becoming the first ever First Man — a title to add to the notches on his bedpost right up there with Bubba and Big Dog, two of his other nicknames. This would be the ultimate victory for Billary — a nickname which denotes “the political union of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

It’s a three-way race for the presidency with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton duking it out to see whether Agent Orange or Crooked Hillary becomes our next Commander-in-Grief. If you find this election cycle distasteful, perhaps you should watch the 2016 Vice Presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, because with Donald being 70 years old in 2016, and Hillary being 69 years old in 2016, both candidates are ripe not to finish out their terms, leaving the vice presidential picks running the show.

2012 presidential election U.S. county voting map Oh, and a bit of trivia on whose vote really counts… between George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000, Gore won the popular vote but Bush won the electoral vote, which crowned Bush as president. In 2012, almost all of the counties in the USA voted for Mitt Romney, and yet Barack Obama won the presidency for having more electoral votes. Red denotes the counties that went to Romney, and blue to Obama. It’s called Cook the Books political math.

* * * * *

The presidential election and all of its drama will eventually become old news. In ten years, few people will care about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump unless the country has a total meltdown. Bigger than any presidential election, threat of war, immigration controversy over illegal aliens, or even Donald Trump’s “build the wall” promise, is the truth about extraterrestrial aliens visiting earth. Nothing supercedes that on a level of importance except for the health of Mother Earth herself.

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