Mean People Scare the Crap Out Of Me

People scare me. They seriously, totally scare the crap out of me. If the internet is any indicator of what really goes on in a person’s head, then wow. On the internet people don’t have to look you in the eye when they bash you upside the head. You’re just a nameless, faceless person, like the toy dolls they pulled the heads off of when they were kids. You know why this is so scary?

Because I’ve seen the end of the world, how people treat one another when the going gets rough, while researching a historical UFO sighting where a UFO lingered over a rather nasty scene in human history. It wasn’t some ancient long-gone civilization they were watching, either. It was US — you and me — modern man, during one of our darker hours.

Not being a history buff in school, I was spared some of these glimpses into the ugly side of humans, not that our schools would show some of the horrible stuff that I read about. You can bet your booty that mothers would pull their kids out of school in a heartbeat and form a picket line, if history class showed the full, unedited version of events.

It’s easy to shrug off something that happened two or three hundred years ago. We figure we’re more civilized today. But the truth is, we’re not, and the internet proves it. When I see people on the internet doing someone dirty, being nasty just because it’s easy to be nasty on the internet, it scares me. It’s like I’m watching the beginning of the end of civilization, which means that Armageddon is looking in the back door waiting for that perfect moment. The end of the world is waiting for enough people to show their ugly side, so that it can swoop in and yank the rug out, and these internet people-whackers are the first ones that will turn on you when that moment arrives.

When I was growing up, yes we had our neighborhood bullies, but people in general were kind to one another, especially strangers. Back then, a stranger was a friend you hadn’t gotten to know. Kids could walk several blocks to school, or go Trick or Treating, without needing a bodyguard. Mean people existed, but they were RARE. Today, all you have to do is get on the internet to see that mean people aren’t rare anymore, they are MULTIPLYING like rats. Not only do mean people suck, they demonstrate how ugly it’s going to get when our civilization goes belly up.

If you are one of the mean people, seriously, think hard about what you are doing. Whatever mean and rotten words you’re about to type out, imagine the recipient of those words being the one person you most love in this world — your parent, sibling, child, spouse, significant other, best friend, or favorite teacher. Mentally paste the image of your favorite person into the little box that depicts this stranger you’re about to whack. Then ask yourself, how would you feel if someone said the words you’re about to type to your favorite person? Is it really worth getting your jollies to make the world a worse place? Is that the legacy you want to leave behind? Is that the kind of world you want to leave to your kids and grandkids?

Everything we do in this world, every word we speak, every action, SHAPES the world. Every human on the planet contributes to what kind of world we live in. Your words have power, people, serious power. Not only do your words affect the person they are aimed at, every action has a ripple effect that travels far beyond that person. I wish more people understood this, because we’d be a whole lot stingier with our nasty sides.

Those who believe in a god, wholeheartedly, know better than to spit out nasty thoughts or words into the world. That leaves the unbelievers. Now, if you don’t believe in a god, but you DO believe in extraterrestrials, consider this…

Extraterrestrials have the power to be our friends, or our enemies. They have the power to evacuate some, or all of us, in the event of an earthly disaster. You can bet that they are watching our every action. What sort of impression do YOU want to make on these alien beings?

The more I see of the ugly side of humans, the less afraid I am of the aliens, and as you know, I’ve had my share of alien experiences! The stories of my alien abductions are told in the book: Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions, which highlights several UFO flaps that have occurred along the eastern United States.

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