Wikileaks Hacked Emails Conspiracy

One of the biggest conspiracy theories out there is how Wikileaks is influencing the U.S. 2016 presidential election by releasing secret documents that ordinary citizens were never supposed to see.

Among the bombshells released so far is that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) plotted against Bernie Sanders, in spite of this being an impartial organization that facilitates letting the voters decide.

Apparently the DNC used every dirty trick in the playbook, from convincing a New York Times reporter to back off on exposing the truth about the Joint Victory Fund, to pitching anti-Sanders narratives, to asking Clinton’s attorneys to devise strategies against Bernie Sanders.

In other words, it was a rigged election that Bernie might very well have won on a level playing field, but Bernie didn’t have a chance, so his supporters won’t Feel the Bern.

And now the good citizens are waiting for Hillary Clinton’s 32,000 deleted emails to resurface via Wikileaks, because everyone believes that a smoking gun lies hidden in those deleted emails. Not only were the emails intentionally destroyed with BleachBit in total defiance of congressional subpoenas and Freedom of Information requests — but the manner in which they were destroyed suggests that Hillary Clinton has something to hide.

BleachBit is a software program that “scrubs” a hard drive so thoroughly that even God can’t retrieve the emails according to BleachBit’s creator. If Hillary’s deleted emails were as innocent as she claims, being about yoga and family vacations and weddings and such, there’d be no reason to destroy them so completely and irretrievably.

But the destruction of potential evidence didn’t end there. Several of Hillary’s mobile devices were destroyed with a hammer in order to prevent their contents from being retrieved, though the aide claims that the emails were moved to a new device prior to destroying the old device. And yet, not one of Hillary’s thirteen mobile devices were ever turned over to officials. Two were destroyed with hammers, and the rest simply disappeared.

Pure and utter destruction would have been the end of the story because you cannot prove wrongdoing with no evidence. But a Romanian hacker named Marcel Lehel Lazar, better known as Guccifer, claims to have hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Meanwhile, Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange promises that secret information will be exposed prior to the presidential election that will sink Hillary. This would allow the DNC to insert any candidate it wished to replace her, even the current Vice-President Joe Biden. Poor Bernie would be left in the cold in spite of his popularity.

Take for instance the state of Oregon. Bernie Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton in every single county except for ONE, and Bernie lost Gilliam County by a single vote, which goes to show how even one instance of voter fraud could swing an election. The point being that in spite of Bernie’s overwhelming popularity, Hillary walked away with 25 delegates to Bernie’s 36 for the state of Oregon.

Oregon has 36 counties. Bernie won 35 of those counties, and yet Hillary wins 25 delegates for a single county? How is that fair and equitable?

In 2012, Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama by the same rules. All you have to do to win is target a few population centers. Look at this map of US counties: the red counties supported Romney, and yet Obama won 332 electoral votes to Romney’s 206 in spite of the map being almost all red.

So you can see how voter fraud is an issue when the game is already rigged by electoral votes. For the majority of people, their votes don’t count. Electoral votes override popular votes. Candidates don’t win by real numbers. They win by twisted cook-the-books math. That’s why there’s a movement fighting for every vote to count, called the Every Vote Counts Amendment.

Julian Assange’s promise to release incriminating emails against Hillary Clinton will affect votes, even if he never releases a single email. Just knowing that Wikileaks really does get their hands on private information, and then makes some of it public, is enough to suggest that incriminating evidence really does exist.

Even Colin Powell’s emails were hacked and his scandalous emails made public, to the complete and utter embarrassment of Hillary and her husband Bill Clinton. Who would’ve thought that Powell had it in him to say such explicit things about Slick Willie?

And while Donald Trump received a dishonorable mention by Powell, nothing was said that hasn’t already been publicly said a gazillion times over.

Of course the issue of Wikileaks itself has become a hotbed of conspiracy theories and political manipulation with the Democrats accusing Russia of hacking in order to support Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.

And as juicy as all of these stories are, as riveting as it is to actually be shown the dirty little secrets that implicate presidential candidates and their respective parties, that’s not the takeaway that we should all be focused on. There’s a much bigger issue at stake — Your Private Emails.

Think about it. We treat an email as if nobody will ever read it except the person we send it to. We think of email as being private, secret, hidden from prying eyes. But really it isn’t. A single email might travel thousands of miles out of the way before reaching its destination, and all along the way, the email bounces from server to server.

What that means is that your personal private email travels from your computer to someone else’s computer (server 1), and from there to another computer (server 2), and to another (server 3), and so on until it arrives in your friend’s email box, which is on yet another server in spite of how it appears.

Every single one of these computers (servers) belongs to someone who could read your email, and that doesn’t include bots, spyware, NSA government surveillance, global surveillance, and computer hackers who can intercept emails as they travel from computer to computer and beyond.

For this reason, some people refer to emails as “evidence mails” which is why there’s such a conspiracy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

So you’d better think twice about sharing your deep, dark secrets in an email. Just because you’re not a politician or celebrity doesn’t mean that the words won’t come back to haunt you someday, maybe even by the hand of the person you sent it to. And just because you delete an email from your computer doesn’t mean that it really disappears. Once you hit SEND, that email will probably live forever somewhere out in cyberspace.

* * * * *

The presidential election and all of its drama will eventually become old news. In ten years, few people will care about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump unless the country has a total meltdown. Bigger than any presidential election, threat of war, immigration controversy over illegal aliens, or even Donald Trump’s “build the wall” promise, is the truth about extraterrestrial aliens visiting earth. Nothing supercedes that on a level of importance except for the health of Mother Earth herself.

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