Does the God Helmet Prove Alien Abduction?

Being abducted by aliens is the most memorable experience that you probably won’t ever remember, especially if you buy into the scientific mumbo jumbo that alien abduction is nothing more than sleep paralysis of a more human nature.

Recurring dreams, night terrors, whirling sounds, and even seeing aliens in your bedroom are all attributed to sleep paralysis, according to UFO skeptics. They offer up all kinds of data to prove this sleep paralysis theory, which being an alien abductee myself, I do NOT buy into.

The “Alien Encounters” episode of the television docudrama Weird or What? hosted by William Shatner, talked about this sleep paralysis theory and mentioned a God Helmet. Neurotheological researchers tested the God Helmet on humans and by stimulating certain regions of the brain, they caused the volunteers to “see” aliens in the room. Of course, the skeptics jumped all over this as proof that alien visitation and alien abduction is nothing more than a mental hiccup, the brain playing tricks on us.

The God Helmet was originally called the Koren Helmet after Stanley Koren, who developed the helmet along with Michael Persinger. One of its functions was to stimulate the temporal lobes of the brain so they could study the results, and give a scientific explanation to otherworldly visions such as ghosts, muses, angels, UFO aliens, and even God.

But I have a different theory, which combines the God Helmet experiments with real alien abduction stories. What if this God Helmet, rather than stimulating the brain to cause hallucinations, stimulates the brain to release blocked memories? What if it removes the veil of screen memories that aliens leave behind in order to block our memory of their visit?

Statistics suggest that 8% of the overall population experiences sleep paralysis, which can haunt them sporadically, or revisit them monthly or yearly. If this sleep paralysis is a side effect of alien visitation that lingers long after the aliens have flown back to their galaxy or otherworldly dimension, and 8% of Americans experience sleep paralysis, once could hypothesize that 8% of Americans are actually being abducted by aliens!

That’s more than 25 million Americans who may have been abducted by aliens. It represents 2.4 kids out of a classroom of 30 kids, which means that virtually everyone knows at least two alien abductees.

Another statistic was even more interesting, that a whopping 28% of college students experience sleep paralysis. No doubt skeptics would attribute this to stress and fatigue, but consider the timing. College students are at the height of their reproductive glory, which is a magnet for alien abduction timing. If 28% of college students were afflicted by sleep paralysis, does that mean that 28% of young adults who are raging with hormones and primed for reproduction are being abducted?

Two potential pregnancies went missing when I was college age, and I believe that I am among the 25+ million Americans who’ve been abducted by aliens. I wrote extensively about the clues which led me to this conclusion in Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions.

This is my own, personal, true story, told in my own words. What I’ve shared is about as pure as it gets, not filtered by anyone else’s agenda of what to believe. Just the facts as I know them to be, and my own attempts at understanding and interpreting those facts.

Because this subject is so important, when I hooked up with a company to produce it as an audiobook, I chose to narrate it myself. So in the audiobook, you are hearing me personally telling you about my decades of being abducted by aliens, over and over. My own voice, my own words, as if I were sitting in the living with you sharing this very personal experience.

  • Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions

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