Fire and Brimstone Blasted Earth to Kill the Giants

Most people know that in the Bible, fire and brimstone blasted the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. But did you know that the actual target of this attack was the fallen angels, aka the Watchers, which were actually 200 extraterrestrial giants who fathered the Nephilim giants? They were also soldiers who deserted from an extraterrestrial army. This is detailed in the book, Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants.

Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t the only aerial attack on the giants. The pyramid in Cholula, Mexico, was also blasted by fire from the sky while it was under construction, in order to stop the giants from building it. The primary instigator was a giant named Xelhua, who was also known as “the architect.”

Xelhua orchestrated the construction of this great pyramid, or artifical mountain, as a memorial to the god Tlaloc, approximately 520 years after the Great Deluge by one account. This would have been 735 years after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, which was destroyed before Noah’s Flood.

Xelhua was a remnant of a race of giants known as the Quinames — the first race — who predated modern humans. Xelhua and his six brothers survived the world flood by climbing Tlaloc’s mountain and hiding out in a cavern, and when the flood water subsided, Xelhua started to build a pyramid 30 miles away from their mountain haven.

The bricks for the pyramid were made in the province of Tlalmanalco, at the foot of the Sierra of Cocotl, and the bricks were passed from hand to hand along a line of men. The gods, however, were not amused. They did not want this pyramid built, so they hurled thunderbolts and fire at the pyramid.

Many of the workers perished in a rain of fire, and the work stopped. The pyramid was later finished, and dedicated to the god Quetzlcoatl instead of Tlaloc. Archeologists have verified that the pyramid was built in stages, and the base of the Cholula pyramid is four times bigger than the Pyramid of Giza.

Another version of the legend described the builders as “gigantic men of deformed stature” who set out to build a pyramid that would reach up to the sky. The gods were enraged, and the “inhabitants of the sky sallied forth like flashes of lightning; they destroyed the edifice and divided and scattered its builders to all parts of the earth.”

Coincidentally, the site was once known as Cholollan — the “place of flight” or “water that falls in the place of flight.”

At the time of the Spanish Conquest there was a large aerolite, or meteorite, at Cholula, which was venerated as the thunderbolt that fell on top of the pyramid when fire struck it. This aerolite resembled a toad, and it was hurled from the heavens shrouded in a globe of fire. It landed on top of the pyramid. Alternately, a nearby volcanic eruption was responsible.

A race of giants in Peru, South America, was also destroyed by “fire from heaven.” They were known as the Caras, or Carans, and they terrorized the Quitu peoples. Elsewhere the Carans were themselves escaping from giants. Whatever their origin, these giants, or “over-grown men,” devoured all of the food and when it ran out, the giants turned to eating people, which was a tradition among most of the giants of the world.

These giant cannibals in Peru were killing women, which they “could not use [have sex with] without killing them.” Very few of the giant legends include this detail, and with the vast difference in size between giants and humans, it makes sense. Humans had no defense against the giants, except for one — the very fact that human women who survived sex, had difficulty spawning the children of the giant men.

“Some years being passed, since these giants resided in those parts, and having no women fit for them, with whom to couple for propagation of their race, their numbers began to diminish.” Now these giants wanted sex, but they’d killed all of the local women, and there was nothing left to do but to start having sex with one another, which they did, in public.

In the meantime, humans pleaded with the deities for assistance, and one day it came. “There issued a dreadful fire from heaven, with great noise and thunder, and immediately an angel proceeded from this flame with a glittering and flaming sword, with which, at one blow, he killed them all. And then fire consumed them, leaving no more than their bones and skulls.” This adds detail that eliminates the possibility of volcanic fire, as does the location of other heavenly blasts.

Volcanoes can’t explain away all extraterrestrial fire from the sky. Giants also lived in Ireland, England, and Scotland, during an era when defensive stone forts were subjected to fire so intense, that it vitrified the forts in a manner that even today, we can’t easily duplicate.

The vitrified forts of the United Kingdom are detailed in the book Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands. Fomorian giants are introduced in that book, and giants as a species are expanded in the book Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants.

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