Alien Abduction Day 2017

Also called Extraterrestrial Abduction Day, this observance takes place on March 20, although nobody is certain when it began except for being popularized by a 2008 Toronto festival for Alien Abduction Day.

As a lifelong abductee, or experiencer as is more fitting, I thought I’d weigh in on the topic of UFO aliens. I’ve been on their radar since I was a toddler in the late 1950s, and they’ve been with me ever since — more than 50 years or half a century! Can you imagine what information they’ve gathered in that time?

As the years pass, experiences are fewer and farther between, but right about when I think they’ve stopped, an unexpected “visitor” arrives in the shadows as has always been their calling card, such as a night in December 2015. Now keep in mind that I’m a night owl who generally fights going to bed even when I’m sleepy, but that night was different.

A feeling of overwhelming fatigue came over me, sort of like the old timey TV shows where a hypnotist swings a swirly optical pendulum and says, “You’re getting SLEEPY. You’re getting SLEEPY.” And then the subject’s head falls over and he’s sound asleep. It was that intense, and it felt so immediate that I thought I’d fall over, so I went to bed.

My husband was already sound asleep, lightly snoring, and I closed my eyes, head sinking into the pillow. Soon after, there was a flash of light, and then another. My eyes were closed so I saw the flashes through my eyelids.

Normally I’d open my eyes to see what was up, whether lightning outside that might upset our dog Dakota, but for some reason I was so intensely sleepy, I just shrugged it off as unimportant. I didn’t have that creeped out feeling that usually signals their arrival, so I figured surely it couldn’t be THEM.

At some point I did open my eyes and clearly saw shadows of two or three entities moving at the foot of the bed, from right to left, away from my husband’s side of the bed and towards mine. A hint of light on their faces showed that it wasn’t a trick of light and that these weren’t shadows, but alien entities.

I estimated them to be maybe four foot tall, definitely taller than three, and no more than five. The faces weren’t quite alien grey, and they weren’t quite human either, so if I had to venture a guess, I’d peg them as hybrids.

The oddest aspect of this event is my attitude after seeing them. Immediately I closed my eyes as if nothing was amiss. It was like, “Okay, I saw you. Big deal. But I should be sleeping right now, so off I go.” I was just so sleepy, I desperately needed to just let go and fall asleep.

I opened my eyes one more time and realized that the room was so DARK. At that point, I didn’t see anything but pitch darkness and wondered how I could have even seen a moving shadow or alien being unless they were emanating light in some way.

Then I fell asleep, instantly, which in itself is completely out of character because it usually takes me an hour or more to fall asleep, even when I’m dead tired. Close the eyes and out like a light, totally NOT typical.

I woke the next morning feeling very sleepy and dull, with no memory of anything happening after falling asleep. No dreams that I remembered. No odd events.

Out of curiosity I asked my husband how he’d slept, and he said better than usual. He slept so soundly that he wished for more nights like it.

This is one of the less intrusive events, at least as far as my memory of it is concerned, most being considerably more direct and preceded by an intense heebie jeebie feeling.

It’s an odd thing being a repeat alien abductee or experiencer — you live a lifetime of bizarre experiences, high strangeness, intense fear, curiosity, fright nights, absolute wonder, and once you realize the cause, you set about trying to analyze it all.

Logically, I’ve lost all fear. I’ve studied everything I remember and am filled with an intense curiosity. Emotionally, however, the fear shoots into overdrive when they “pop in” for a little visit, that night being an inexplicable exception.

You can’t help it. Logic can’t help it. The hairs stand up on the back of your neck and you get a case of heebie jeebies so intense that it defies logic. How can one be so calm logically, and so petrified emotionally? For that, there’s just no answer.

Some of the more intrusive events are chronicled in the book Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions, which is my own personal story of coming to awareness that extraterrestrial beings have been visiting me since childhood.

My experiences began at such a young age that nothing about them is “typical.” There’s no event where a UFO came buzzing in, swooped me up, strapped me to a table, and poked and prodded at the nether regions. You won’t get a memory like that in Alien Nightmares. But you will read about odd tasks that defy explanation, atmospheric changes, creatures changing shape even as I watched, and how it all coincided with known UFO flaps.

Since publishing, new facts have come to light which blew me away on discovery. As in totally and utterly stunned me, mouth hanging open.

I experienced a serious eye injury as a toddler. It happened in my crib, and the accident left a scar on my eyeball. I described the memory in detail in Alien Nightmares, not knowing if it was relevant to UFOs, but knowing that it took place at right around the same age that I went missing, that being a separate event.

Before you go all agoggle, the accident did not happen aboard a UFO, it was a childhood injury from a wire sticking out of a toy, but I do believe that UFOs came into it after the fact.

The injury did not impair my vision which was a miracle unto itself, and some of the memories surrounding the injury were truly bizarre, such as being in a hammock in the hospital. I attempted to explain it away as maybe being an ambulance basket draped with a sheet.

Now keep in mind that this happened decades ago, long before the internet existed, or personal home computers. Dishwashers hadn’t been invented yet, or cable TV, or cordless phones, or microwaves for the kitchen. Nothing existed in my sphere as a child to “fill my head” with weird facts, grey alien faces, or otherworldly events that other people were experiencing.

Nobody had a clue that alien greys existed, because their images had not been plastered over the airwaves for everybody to see, as is the norm today. And yet, these strange beings popped in and out of my childhood dreams. Most of what I remember, I remember as a dream, because that’s the only explanation that I had for waking up with bizarre memories.

So imagine my surprise on hearing another experiencer describe hammocks aboard a UFO. His name is Charles James Hall, and he published his experiences in the Millennial Hospitality series.

Charles encountered a species which he referred to as the Tall Whites during his stint in the Air Force in the 1960s. He had multiple encounters with tall white extraterrestrials, but not as an abductee. So the hammock I remember might really have been a hammock after all.

I’ve also learned that the same eye has a laser hole of the type used to treat certain eye conditions, and as I’ve never had surgery on that eye since the childhood accident, the laser hole couldn’t have been put there except at the time of the accident. The trouble is, human doctors weren’t performing laser hole procedures yet.

Human doctors were using hand-held tools to poke tiny holes in the eye to treat medical conditions. Instruments included surgical scissors and knife-needles, but the scars left by these tools weren’t as clean and round as a laser hole. I grilled the eye doctor on what she saw.

My vision was so acute up until the last ten years or so that I never went for an eye exam, which is how the little factoid stayed hidden from me. There I was, laying back in the chair with the eye doctor peering down into my eyes, chattering as she examined them, when she mentioned the laser hole.

I said, “You mean the scar that straddles the iris and white part, right?” She said, “No, this is a laser hole, separate from the scar…” and I about bolted out of the chair.

“Wait, wait, wait! You mean there are TWO scars on my eyeball?!”

I blasted that poor woman with questions, making sure that I clearly understood her answers.

So I’ve updated my conclusion as to what actually happened. I had a self-inflicted eye injury caused by a wire that protruded from the ear of a toy bunny rabbit. Back in the 1950s and 1960s when I was a kid, we didn’t have mountains of regulations for toy safety. So I was having a grand old time, sitting in my crib, playing with the wire until it poked my eye. I remember it still today.

Events after the injury went from strange to utterly bizarre, and I’ve concluded that there must have been two medical events: one at a regular hospital where the doctors did their best, and a second procedure on board a UFO which repaired or prevented permanent damage.

My eyesight was so acute all through my childhood, teens, twenties, and thirties, and maybe even into my forties, that it often amazed me. Finally it did degrade and I now wear reading glasses, but for all of those years I could read even the tiniest print with ease. I used to amuse myself as a kid by sharpening a pencil as sharp as it could get, and then writing as small as I could possibly write.

While a short story wouldn’t have fit onto a grain of rice, still you get the idea of how tiny the letters were. As tiny as that pencil could make them. I think I could have fit a few words on a grain of rice, or at least several letters. I fully credit the the UFO aliens for this blessing, in repairing an injury that could so easily have left me wearing glasses for a lifetime.

I have no other explanation for how the laser hole got there, and it’s the sort of procedure that’s normally done to treat glaucoma, or to drain fluid out of the eye (by allowing the fluid to migrate between the various eye chambers) in order to prevent a pressure build up. Officially it’s called a Laser Iridotomy.

My childhood dreams were full of gray aliens and UFOs, dreams from which I’d wake up feeling as if I’d been drugged, where my body felt like a heavy weight, and yet oddly light enough as if it could float up into the air.

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions shares these memories and dreams along with the little-known UFO flaps from those time periods that swept me up into an extraterrestrial neverland of high strangeness.

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