Allie the Alien

If I’ve posted something really profound, such as the snake hanging out of the nose of the Old Man Face Birdhouse, I’ll usually check on my website analytics for about a week.

Well, this week is the week, and it’s given me quite a bit to blog about, especially after finding out that somebody wants to email the UFO aliens.

Today a new keyword search found me, and I was definitely amused. They were searching for “Allie the Alien” and of course, I assumed they meant me. I’d written a book telling the story of my own personal UFO abductions which started when I was a toddler and continued for decades.

I wrote the book under my author name, Sharon Delarose, and narrated it personally under my narrator name, Allie Mars. So of course they must have been searching for Allie the alien abductee in the Alien Nightmares book, right?

Then I realized, there’s another Allie who really IS part alien, and that must have been who they were searching for. That Allie was fictional, of course, from the Steven Spielberg miniseries, “Taken.” Allie was played by the very talented Dakota Fanning.

That was THE BEST MINISERIES, and I’ve got a lot to say about it as an alien abductee, but I don’t want to blather on until I watch it again with pen in hand to take notes about the highlights from an abductee perspective. So far, it hasn’t come back on TV for our TIVO to record. In the meantime, if you’re looking for Allie the Alien in Taken, you’ll have to watch the miniseries. If you’re looking for Allie who WAS taken by real aliens, then you found her!

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