Be The Laughter

The pebble in the pond, that’s how we affect the world. If you are happy, you will spread happiness to those around you. Joy and happiness are infectious. If you are miserable, you will suck the joy right out of other’s lives. What an awful thing to do to people!

This one hit me hard today. I went to work full of joy and feeling good about life. Someone I work with closely was in a foul mood, and her sourness filled the entire office all day.

We were afraid to even walk past her. No one dared to speak in her presence. She had a way of turning every word into something to argue about. We all tiptoed. Usually you can hear people laughing, but today no one laughed. The air was too thick with her bad attitude, and it clung to us all like swamp goo.

Don’t be like her. Don’t spread your misery and spoil the joy of those around you. What an awful, horrible thing to do to people! Be the person who makes the day better. Be the person that people want to be around. Be the person who brings light and laughter into the room. Be the person who turns a bad day for someone else, into a GOOD day for everybody. Be the happiness. Be the laughter. — Originally posted in 2009.

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