The Antichrist isn’t a Person, it’s a Movement

The Antichrist Isn’t a Person — it’s a Movement. And the movement is bulldozing its way through Christianity with full force.

You can see the AntiChrist Warriors everywhere, chipping away at Christianity in seemingly random ways, but there’s nothing random about it. Destroying a religion is like tearing down a stone castle — you gather an army of strong men and tell each of them to carry off a single stone block. Nobody pays much attention to a man carrying a hunk of stone.

By the time the strong men are finished, the castle has vanished and nobody knows where to even look for it, or who to blame for its disappearance because the strong men didn’t show up en masse, they came one by one in the quiet moments when nobody was looking, so nobody was alerted to The Takedown underway.

Look around and you’ll see the Antichrist’s strong men at work everywhere, behind the scenes, attacking Christians and Christianity on every front because that’s what an Antichrist technically is — anti-Christ, anti-Christian, against Christianity.

A con man or deceiver knows that you don’t attack a person or belief overtly and show your hand before the damage is done. No, you work the back rooms, the seedy corners and back streets, the dark halls, and you do it discreetly so as to not alarm the people overmuch.

That’s exactly what’s going on today with attacks against Christianity from every direction, always in a manner that doesn’t seem like a war against Christianity as a religion, but against just one small piece of it, a piece that can be argued isn’t really relevant.

Saying Merry Christmas is politically incorrect

Take, for example, the war on saying Merry Christmas… Under the guise of political correctness, this innocent phrase has been all but banned. And because Christmas itself has become so commercialized, the Antichrist Warriors can justify it as not being a true attack against Christians or their beliefs.

Happy Holidays has become the greeting of choice in order to avoid offending someone. It doesn’t matter if YOU believe in Christmas, or Christ’s Mass, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. All you need to do is search the phrase “war on Christmas” to find the motherlode of controversies on this topic.

And the war on Christmas has gone far beyond political correctness — The Antichrist Warriors have taken it to the courts and turned it into a legal battle to ban the display of Christmas imagery from government buildings and schools.

Christmas trees are under attack

No longer is the Christmas tree on the front lawn of the U.S. capitol called a “Christmas tree.” There’s been a move to change its designation to a “capitol holiday tree.” All around the country, this secularization has taken root in government buildings. Religious diversity is given as the reason. The Antichrist Warriors will always have a logical reason at the ready. They did not come unprepared. They’ve been groomed for this moment.

Christian prayers have been banned from public schools

This is not new — the prohibition against prayers in public schools is a battle that goes back decades. Even when prayers were allowed or even mandated, Christian sects disagreed on the nature of the prayer itself, or even which Bible it was recited from. Today the debate has gone nuclear, where even the concept of “a moment of silence” sparks intense emotions on both sides.

Silence allows each person to pray in their own religion, or to simply embrace a moment of peaceful thinking, but even this has come under attack. The Antichrist isn’t going to allow his minions to leave even a single seed behind, lest that seed grow into a whole new Holy Day Tree.

An Ohio high school basketball team is under attack by a shadowy organization known as the Freedom FROM Religion Foundation. The kids just wanted to pray before a basketball game, as their school had been doing for 40 years. But the Antichrist foundation asserted that the prayers were unconsitutional and inappropriate, and that this business of praying MUST be banned IMMEDIATELY. Christians accused Freedom From Religion of bullying, and responded by making t-shirts that said: “Prayer Matters.”

Christian businesses are under attack

Lawsuits abound, often as the first course of action rather than the last, and even the concept of Christian businesses legally fighting back has come under attack. Biblical passages are used as weapons to discourage businesses from defending themselves or countersuing, admonishing Christians for taking others to court.

The most notable lawsuits involve discrimination suits which result in businesses shutting down, closing their doors permanently, going out of business — kaput. Small, family-owned Christian businesses just don’t have enough clout for their voices to be heard, especially when it’s considered un-Christian to defend one’s self.

Family planning, birth control, abortions, the morning after pill, bakeries, wedding venues, florists, Hobby Lobby — all of these are current issues in the news, and some owners of Christian businesses are losing not only their businesses, but their homes and life savings as well, just for following the faith as they perceive it to be. Christians are being targeted by the Antichrist movement.

Subversive priests are being used to corrupt the Catholic faith

The 2016 United States presidential election brought a startling revelation to the forefront — a plan to subvert the Catholic Church from within and trigger a Catholic Spring.

With Catholics being Christians, this subversion is another attack on Christianity, but like all the others it targets just one piece, and the Antichrist Warriors have been briefed on all of the logical arguments to convince people that they aren’t trying to dismantle Christianity or tear it down, they are just trying to bring an outdated piece of it into the modern age. But some believe that the motive is political because tenets of the Catholic faith conflict with the political goals of powerful people.

Several organizations were created for this purpose, including Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, and Catholics United, both supported by John Podesta and George Soros according to news articles. They wanted to “plant the seeds of revolution” in the Catholic Church, to “infiltrate and corrupt” its teachings and “destroy the Catholic Church as it stands.”

One article refers to this movement as the Anti-Christian Industrial Complex. Of course, now that we have a war on Fake News, this will be used to dim the spotlights and shroud the whistleblowers in clouds of doubt.

There’s even a Christian conspiracy theory that George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Podesta conspired to overthrow Pope Benedict XVI and replace him with “a radical Pope Francis.” Is it true? Who knows, but if so, it would be yet another political scandal involving the abuse of power at the highest levels, which seems to be a theme in itself as of late. Francis, by the way, did replace Pope Benedict in 2013.

Pope Benedict resigned, making him the first Pope to relinquish the office since Gregory XII in 1415 A.D. The reason given was declining health due to old age, but his resignation came on the heels of a scandal known as Vatileaks.

Someone began leaking information out of the Vatican to the news media exposing alleged corruption, blackmail, sex scandals, money laundering, and power struggles within the Vatican. If that wasn’t enough, a journalist published Pope Benedict’s confidential letters and memos in a book, adding jealousy and bribery to the charges. A death threat against the Pope soon followed. And then he resigned.

Were all of these charges true? Or was this a trumped up scandal in order to get rid of the Pope? Leaking information is another of those political maneuvers to move all of the chess pieces until you get the desired result, and we’re seeing a lot of it lately. With the Antichrist power players working behind the scenes, this may well have been a political takeover.

The double-edged sword of religious freedom

Another front on which Christianity is embattled involves to what degree Christians are allowed to follow their faith. By upholding the rights of Christians, one must uphold the rights of other religions to do the same, and the results could be devastating because then you end up with animal sacrifice, human mutilation, ritual human bloodletting, and cannibalism … you get the idea. So it is a double-edged sword.

Regardless of where you stand on the issues, or what faith you follow if any, it is frightening to see Christianity being dismantled from so many directions because the end result of Christianity being squeezed out of existence is that the next most powerful religion will rush in to fill the void — and that religion is Islam.

No faith fights harder to insert itself into the world than the Islamic faith. No believers fight harder to eliminate rivals. And thus, the void left by the downfall of Christianity will assuredly be filled with the Islamic faith.

Identifying the Antichrist

We’ve been taught to look for a person that embodies the Antichrist, as if finding this one evil person signals the End of Days. People point to Adolf Hitler or some other villain-of-the-world as the Antichrist, and when the world doesn’t end, they choose a new villain.

Nero Caesar was an early contender, dating back to the 1st century A.D. When you convert his Greek name to Hebrew, its numerical value is 666. Pretty much any individual whose intent is to rule the world, or at least a bigger chunk of it, comes under suspicion, such as Napoleon a couple of hundred years ago, or Saddam Hussein in our generation.

Several presidents have worn the badge of the accused, including Barack Obama over a prophecy that he would be the last American president, and several other U.S. presidents from both sides of the political isle including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “Tricky Dick” Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, and Donald Trump.

False prophets are also contenders, although identifying a false prophet is not as easy as ticking items off a list. Every prophet ever born was considered a false prophet by somebody. And false prophets will always find true believers to follow them. Jesus even warned that false prophets would come in his name, saying, “I am Christ,” and that these false prophets would deceive many.

But the true Antichrist is a movement, and it’s operating on all thrusters blasting through the world at Warp 10 while our sideshow in naming just one man as the Antichrist is just a distraction.

Christian persecution

Wars and rumors of wars precede the Antichrist, but there hasn’t ever been a period of true peace, so war is not a good indicator. There’s always a war somewhere in the world. Famines, pestilences, earthquakes — these have always been with us as well.

But then we get to the part where Christians will be afflicted, delivered up to be killed, and hated of all nations. We aren’t quite there yet, but news headlines suggest that this Christian persecution has already begun:

You get the idea. Even Google denied Jesus, if only for a brief moment. Google Home got caught red-handed by David Sams, who conducted an experiment and streamed it live. He asked “Who is Jesus Christ?” and Google Home couldn’t answer. But when he asked about Allah, Mohammad, Buddha, and even Satan, answers were forthcoming. He believed that the oversight was intentional censorship for political correctness.

Google’s response was to disable all answers relating to religious figures until it could figure out a solution. Apparently Amazon’s device had a similar glitch which has since been fixed, according to the same article. But instead of playing dumb on the question, it identified Jesus Christ as a “fictional character.” The world is being indoctrinated.

The Antichrist as a sign of the End Times

These sure look like signs of Christians being afflicted and targeted just as the New Testament predicted. Following the Christian persecution, the Bible talks about an undefined tribulation of such magnitude that people are running for their lives, but finding no safe haven.

As bad as it gets, people will surely be grasping for the tiniest glimmer of hope, and they will be rewarded with false Christs and false prophets who show great signs, and wonders so convincing that even the very elect will be deceived.

When Jesus Christ does return, it will light up the sky from horizon to horizon: “For as the lightning cometh out of the east and shineth even unto the west, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.”

The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give off her light. Stars will fall from the heavens and the heavens themselves will be shaken. “And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven, and then shall all the tribes of the Earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.”

This comes from the book of Matthew, which in Cook’s 1878 New Testament does not use the word “Antichrist” except in the footnotes.

The book of John refers to many Antichrists, from 1-John 2:18: “Ye have heard that Antichrist shall come, even now are there many Antichrists, whereby we know that it is the last time” meaning the End of Days. He went on to define an Antichrist as being anyone who was against Christ or his followers.

By this definition, all of the seemingly random attacks against Christians would be coming from Antichrist minions, because true Christians would not be undermining and dismantling their own faith. And John’s assertion that there would be “many Antichrists” suggests that the Antichrist is a movement — and this movement is actively underway right now, chipping away at the very foundation of Christianity.

Mass extinction event

The Antichrist Movement might have gone unnoticed if not for the other signs which are even more frightening. We are on the brink of a mass extinction event:

This isn’t even the half of it, countless other species are in peril as well, including all of the big cats, and pretty much every other large animal species such as elephants and rhinos and such. Water shortages, human population explosion, global food crisis, air pollution, melting glaciers, and a host of other apocalyptic events are staring us in the face, and here we are quibbling over which donkey to pin the Antichrist tail on.

You cannot eliminate one man and stop the Antichrist because it’s a movement fueled by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world, maybe even millions. And it was foretold thousands of years ago across several religions and cultures that such a moment would come, even to the end of the Mayan calendar.

People expected the world to “end” in 2012 when the Mayan calendar cycle ended, and when it didn’t, we moved on to the next apocalyptic prediction. But we missed the memo. It’s everywhere. It’s all around us. And the Mayan calendar just signaled the beginning of the end, not an immediate end. And so here we are, in real time, at the beginning of a mass extinction event as the Antichrist Movement works its way around the world.

The arrival of the galactic taxicabs

And someday soon, maybe even in our lifetimes, the sky will swarm with UFOs arriving en masse, overtly, out in the open, because you cannot consider an end-of-the-world scenario without also wondering if there will be a Rapture as many believe. This Rapture could be our only way off of a planet in distress, and we have no idea what form it will take, except that it will come from the sky. And who better to provide the ride than the UFOs which are already out there. Just think of them as God’s galactic taxicabs.

UFOs have been plucking humans off the planet since time immemorial, so they’re already experienced in bringing humans on board. Generally they bring us back after a few hours, but what about all of the vanished civilizations? Ancient peoples disappeared, sometimes just a village or colony, but sometimes an entire civilization — and we don’t know what happened to them. Maybe they were Raptured (or evacuated) to another planet.

In case you are wondering how a blog about the Antichrist Movement morphed into UFOs serving as galactic taxicabs, consider the source. This website and all of its blog posts are written by an experiencer, an alien abductee who’s been followed by the otherworld since childhood. And trust me, you can’t hide from them. They always know how to find you. Maybe it’s those pesky implants.

A childhood full of little grey aliens

I am probably one of the originals whose story dates back to the late 1950s, early 1960s, before anybody knew that alien greys even existed, at least publicly. There was no internet, no cell phones, no email, no cable TV, no computers. We didn’t even have dishwashers, or microwaves, and all telephones had cords so you couldn’t walk around while talking. We were innocent — our worlds were very small.

We did not have access to world information except through the local newspaper and three television channels, plus the public TV channel which back then was pretty boring, not like today. So there was nothing to “suggest” a grey alien, no images to fill a child’s imagination. So when a child (like me) started dreaming about grey aliens, you couldn’t explain it away by saying, “Oh, she must have seen that on TV.” You couldn’t dismiss it as being triggered by the power of suggestion.

For a glimpse into the creepy world of an alien abductee, I’ve shared my story in the book Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions. The encounters were often bizarre to the point of high strangeness, involving inexplicable tasks and puzzles.

And fear — you cannot even grasp the fear, especially when you have no idea what’s happening to you. Back then I didn’t know. And yes that’s possible, because they mask your memories and leave you in a haze, and by the very nature of an abduction you interpret it as a dream even when the memory doesn’t identify it as such.

This is particularly true when it begins in early childhood because monsters aren’t real, that’s what a parent tells a child who has encountered an alien grey. And as a child, it becomes your normal. You have no concept of any other way of being, of not dreaming of bizarre experiences or alien monsters and waking up scared out of your wits. You figure that you’re just a scaredy cat. And the regular visitations become so ingrained that you don’t even think to question them. You don’t even think to analyze them. You’ve been taught that they aren’t real, monsters aren’t real, and that it is all just a recurring bad dream.

As you grow older and the high strangeness continues, you still don’t question it because it has always been there, you don’t know anything different. But then one day aliens become public knowledge and you see an image of a grey alien, and your eyes pop open like Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy, and you stare at that picture in complete and utter disbelief. Your childhood monster was real. Your adulthood monster is still real. And it is still coming to visit you.

And then you start dissecting every memory, every dream, every incidence of high strangeness, and you dwell. You might even look for UFO sightings around the time periods of your experiences. In my case, the most intense periods of extraterrestrial activity occurred during known UFO flaps or waves in my area. I’ve shared those in the book as well.

Early childhood, when I lived in upstate New York:

  • 1965: The massive blackout of 1965 which shut down power over six states and a portion of Canada, alleged to be caused by UFOs over the Sir Adam Beck power plant in Ontario, Canada, and the Niagara Falls power station in New York
  • 1965: The 1965 UFO crash in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania
  • 1967-1968: The Great Ithaca Flap of UFO sightings at New York’s Finger Lakes

Adulthood, when I lived in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • 1987-1988: Wytheville, Virginia: 1500+ sightings or encounters
  • 1987-1992: Gulf Breeze, Florida: 200+ sightings or encounters
  • 1987-1993: Atlanta, Georgia: my UFO nightmares from 1987-1993, with Atlanta being directly on the flight path between Wytheville and Gulf Breeze

What are the odds? Seriously, what are the odds? Look at the dates for Wytheville, Gulf Breeze, and me in Atlanta. I had no idea even then what was going on, except to speculate that I was under some sort of spiritual attack. I was pretty sure that otherworldly beings were entering my home, but I didn’t consider extraterrestrial aliens. I didn’t begin to suspect until sometime towards the end of that round, or even after. And full acceptance wasn’t immediate.

The childhood incidents were in high gear during the New York/Canada/Pennsylvania wave, though for me it began long before. In those years I was having at least four incidents per year, if not more. The quarterly incidents were of a specific bizarro type devoid of aliens, but there were grey aliens in between the four, so the yearly count was higher. Perhaps much higher considering how many were crammed into a year during the 80s-90s UFO wave.

I’ve since discovered that even when you know what’s going on, even when you are not consciously frightened of them, your body sinks into sheer terror anyways. The heebie jeebies send prickles up your spine and your hair stands on end, even if you are outwardly calm. And this happens even if you haven’t seen them yet. It’s triggered by their very presence.

I no longer think of them as monsters, having dissected a lifetime of experiences and immersed myself in the study of ancient aliens. I do not consider them enemies of mankind, and they may well become our galactic taxicabs. Because humanity is reaching a tipping point beyond which we may not recover, and we haven’t developed the technology to evacuate ourselves out of the mess we’ve created.

In February 1992, I was shown a painting of a peculiar UFO and told, “When you see one of these, it means that (the Earth or humanity) is very ill.” I couldn’t remember whether he said “Earth” or “humanity” but I’d say that both apply. In 2015, I saw a pencil sketch of that UFO, drawn by an eyewitness who saw the UFO decades earlier, and I took that to be the sign I was warned of in 1992. And here we are facing an Antichrist movement and a mass extinction event, just after the Mayan calendar came to a close…

Sketch of a UFO

* * * * *

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