Spookfest Coffee Table Book for Your Halloween Party

Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s time to get ready for the annual spookfest. Go one step beyond the standard Halloween decorations, with a coffee table book to entertain your Halloween party guests. Full color photos of spiders, tree blobs, witch toads, scorpions, minotaur beetles, and other real-life scary creatures that will haunt your friends as they read the spooky stories that go with the pictures.

Skin crawling chapters include: Spiders Hanging From the Trees, Creepy Crawlers, Tree Blobs, Oozing Blobs That Think, Cousin Itt, Ghosts and Fairy Smoke, Halloween Beetle, Halloween Mushrooms and Jack o’ Lanterns, Death Scare, Slick Willy and the Toadstool, Devil’s Tomato, Will It Kill You, Face First into the Spiderweb, Witch’s Curse That Creates Mummies, Bigfoot, Spider Woman, Southern Devils, Genie in a Bottle, and more.

Creep out your guests with the book, The Wizard of Awe: An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series with its Halloween legends such as the origin of the carved pumpkin, and what Halloween is really all about.

Then get down and dirty with nature. Discover the dirty little secret that Charles Darwin’s daughter tried to keep hidden from her maids. Find out which adult insect has no eyes, no mouth parts, and useless legs. Meet the Bigfoot of the bug world, and then check out the photo of the caterpillar that looks like a little orange dragon. Read about close encounters with spiders that look like toaster pastries, and then discover how the legend of the genie in a bottle got started.

Strange but true creepy stories, plus Halloween legends, scary spiders, and deadly plants to unnerve your guests and set the stage for Fright Night. The best part is that every single photo in this coffee table book was taken on one single acre in a suburban back yard in America. So what do you think is lurking in YOUR back yard?

The Wizard of Awe is the first book in the Acre of America series. Look for the one with the spider on the cover.

  • Acre of America

    The Wizard of Awe

    Coffee Table Paperback

    Over the Hummingbird's Rainbow

    Coffee Table Paperback

    King of the Forest

    Coffee Table Paperback

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