I’m No Different Than a UFO Alien

I’ve been holding this giant wolf spider hostage in order to take pictures, and it’s bugging me. The spider is so cool, covered in little baby spiders creating a spider ball on her back. But I keep thinking, what if some alien race were holding ME hostage? How is that different from me locking up this poor spider in a jar, without food, without water, away from her home? With baby spiders to take care of, no less?

I’ve been abducted by aliens and held for a few hours, which I wrote about in the Alien Nightmares abduction book, but what if they’d taken me for a week, or a month? The room that I remember had no windows or doors, no decorations on the wall, no furniture. Just an bare, empty room with me in it, kind of like the spider jar. What if an alien abducted me and locked me in that bare room for a month?

A female wolf spider can live for several years. I don’t know how many “several” is but suppose it’s five. Two days out of a five year life span is the equivalent of 30 days out of a 75 year life span. Me kidnapping this spider for two days equates to a UFO alien abducting me and holding me hostage for an entire month!

Even if they didn’t hurt me physically, it’s hard to accept losing a month of your life and never knowing the reason. I can forgive a catch-and-release alien abduction scenario, presuming no injuries, but a month-long hostage situation deprived of comfort, food or water? How am I any better than an alien abducting humans, by abducting this poor spider just because I want photos?

I’m not even trying to learn anything scientifically to benefit or extend the life of my fellow humans. No, I just spotted a fascinating spider covered in baby spiders, and wanted pictures. That’s it. Pure amusement. Her photo may end up in a book someday, like the other insects and animals that were photographed for my Acre of America Backyard Nature Series.

I doubt many would sympathize with my angst over holding the spider captive, especially since I let her go free afterwards. Like some alien abductions where the abductee finds themselves in a different location from where they’d been taken, I released the spider in the back yard of a vacant house, rather than our yard. My husband had forbidden me from letting that big, hairy spider loose here.

It makes you wonder why the UFO aliens plunk most abductees back where they found them, while others get left somewhere else. Did an alien husband get cranky with his wife and tell her, “We’re NOT flying all the way over THERE to let this human go! You drop it off right here, right now, because we’ve got a football game to attend on the other side of the galaxy! The Grays are playing the Shining Ones, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it!”

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