Cow Mutilations – UFOs or Government Conspiracy?

UFO alien visitation is associated with human abductions, crop circles, government cover ups, and cow mutilations, among other things. Being one of the abductees, having been taken over fifty times starting as a child as described in the book Alien Nightmares, the whole subject is never far from my mind.

Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions talks about the human abduction experience, how it’s often hidden behind screen memories so that many abductees have no idea they’ve been taken, and the book speculates on the alien agenda.

Alien Nightmares doesn’t, however, talk about cow mutilations. I have a hard time connecting my UFO aliens with cow mutilations. Nothing I’ve seen suggests that cow mutilations are even logically attributed to extraterrestrials.

Here’s the thing… UFO aliens have proven that they have advanced medical technology, so why would they need to kill the cow? If they were after the udders, why not just surgically remove the udders but leave the udderless cow to wander her life free of suckling calves? It doesn’t make sense.

Even more illogical is why extraterrestrials would perform medical procedures on humans, leaving us almost free of evidence that they’d even been here, while leaving mutilated cows out there for the whole world to see.

Nothing about the extraterrestrials suggests that they leave in-your-face evidence behind. For thousands of years they’ve remained hidden, secret, wandering the back alleys of our lives like a thief who avoids the spotlight at all costs.

Something else to ponder is the assumption that aliens would treat humans differently than cows. Only human arrogance would assume that UFO aliens elevate humanity above all other creatures. This is a HUMAN belief, a HUMAN notion that somehow we are better than all other living creatures.

I just don’t buy into the aliens going out of their way to leave humans alive and well after a medical procedure, while whacking the poor cows and leaving nothing but a mutilated carcass.

Alien-free theories abound and for once, I’m going to side with the UFO skeptics. Earthbound theories include blowflies, as well as our very own government.

Blowflies feasting on a body that died of natural causes can definitely result in a bizarre and gruesome carcass, especially after body gasses blow out some of the organs where the flies can get at them, but they aren’t going to leave surgical scars. Thus the evidence eliminates blowflies, because believers and skeptics both agree that the cuts are clean, precise, laser cuts.

Humans, on the other hand, would. The most believable theory is that the government is surreptitiously monitoring mad cow disease, under the cover of darkness, in order to avoid widespread panic. I guess they’d rather have us panicking over UFO aliens than our own government.

While I don’t buy into everything I see on TV or read on the internet, according to William Shatner in Weird or What? (one of my favorite new TV shows that should be renamed “Get Weird with William” — a much catchier title,) the evidence is pretty compelling that not only are the cuts clearly made by lasers, there is also hemoglobin residue left behind that could only come from a centrifuge in a laboratory.

Weird or What? suggests that extraterrestrial aliens could be the culprits, maybe even for benevolent reasons such as monitoring our food chain and environment for OUR benefit. Or that our own government is keeping track of mad cow disease undercover to avoid causing a worldwide panic.

As I wrote this post, I was leaning toward a government cover up over UFO aliens, but a new fact entered into the mix that really makes me wonder. If you believe in aliens in the first place, you probably believe that they are behind historical visitations such as fairies, elves, angels, demons, and religious visions.

Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that the aliens are connected to virtually all of the prophets and visionaries who’ve ever changed our world from Moses, Jesus, Elijah, Nostradamus, to Buddha and Gandhi. They are also thought to have been the ancient gods of virtually every religion, especially those with multiple gods.

If there is a grain of truth in this, then think about how cows fit into the picture. Hindus hold cows sacred. Humans are not allowed to kill, let alone eat, a cow. Why is that? Why would cows be held sacred, unless the gods wanted cows for themselves? Maybe they knew they’d come back someday for the cows, and wanted to make sure we hadn’t eaten them all. Humans do cause species to go extinct, which I’ve written about in the third book of my nature series, King of the Forest: An Acre of America Backyard Nature Series (Volume 3).

So which cow mutilation theory do you believe? Whodunnit? Blowflies? UFO aliens? Or human governments?

Which cow mutilation theory do you believe?

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