Alien Abductions: A New Theory for the Skeptics

We were watching a TV show about alien abductions. One skeptic put forth the theory that abductees were simply having vivid dreams about things they saw on TV or in movies, and then imagining the dreams to be actual memories. He suggested that even hypnotic regression brought forth details of something they watched on TV rather than something they actually experienced.

Abduction memories are not usually as straightforward as regular memories. Alien abduction memories are often hidden behind “screen memories” which block the terrifying memory of a traumatic event and replace it with a more acceptable memory. Screen memories are a phenomenon often discussed in the psychoanalytical community and they were first introduced by Sigmund Freud in 1899. Freud did not consider the “recovered” memories behind the screen memories to be accurate.

Alien abduction screen memories often involve an animal or insect which is out of place, such as an owl or cow watching you through your window. Screen memories can include owls, deer, monkeys, rabbits, cows, wolves, cats, dogs, clowns, insects, and even people. Such memories can come in the form of vivid dreams and may leave behind a fear of whatever entity was used as the screen.

As the alien abduction memories often come out in your dreams, it can be difficult to differentiate between a dream and an actual memory and this is where the skeptics have a field day.

The TV skeptic in question talked about Betty and Barney Hill, one of the most widely publicized accounts of alien abduction. He noted that some of the details of their story came out right on the heels of an episode called “The Bellero Shield” from the sci fi TV show called “The Outer Limits” about space aliens.

The skeptic stated that the details Betty and Barney Hill gave were very similar to details in the TV show. His conclusion was that they saw the TV show and then dreamed up their own alien abduction from there. Other skeptics have suggested that details of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction were taken from two science fiction movies called “Invaders from Mars” and “Killers from Space” that had been out for some time.

Suppose, just for a moment, that the skeptics are right. Suppose that the details of Betty and Barney Hill’s alien adbuction matched something that had appeared on TV. Where then, did the writer of the TV story get the idea from?

Consider this: Is it possible that the people who write the stories, movies, screenplays, and TV shows about aliens have themselves been abducted and are drawing on their own hidden memories without even realizing it? Whoever wrote that Outer Limits episode or the movies that the skeptics use to debunk Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction story, perhaps those writers were sharing personal experiences that they thought were simply figments of dreams or a vivid imagination.

If the majority of alien abductees do not realize they’ve been abducted, and attribute any memories they have to active imaginations and dreams, their memories may surface in the stories they write. Therefore it makes perfect sense for Betty and Barney Hill to echo something that appeared on TV or at the movies.

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    2 Responses to Alien Abductions: A New Theory for the Skeptics

    1. Deirdre says:

      When I was about 5 years old I had a terrifying experience in the bedroom I shared with my 7 year old sister. I woke up to what appeared daylight and at the bottom of my bed was a faceless clown dressed in a large orange checked suit. he was walking up and down the end of the bed. opposite the was a long mirror in a wardrobe and as I looked at the mirror there was no trace of the image of the clown but when I looked back to the end of the bed he was still there walking up and down. I remember very clearly trying to wake my sister up as we shared the same bed but she wouldn’t waken. I then leapt over her to the bedroom door to open it but it seemed locked. I still remember feeling terrified and then everything went black. In the morning I remembered everything so clearly and told my mother who passed it off as a bad dream. The clown has appeared in my dreams from time to time over the last 60 years and I still have that dreadful fear of something bad. I also developed of a fear of looking into mirrors at night in the dark.
      I do believe something was there and that it happens to chosen types of humans but why is still a mystery. Is my story a screen memory or just a bad dream. To me it was a real event but I have rarely shared this experience with anyone else.
      The memory is as clear today as it was in the late 1950s.

      • Allie says:


        I often saw the little gray-type aliens from the time I was a child, at least since toddlerhood in the late 50s, maybe earlier. I have reason to believe that one or both parents also had visitations, though neither of them would ever say so. And most likely other relatives as well. Family history is a private thing so I cannot share the reasons for my suspicions on family involvement besides myself.

        I have both waking memories and dream-memories, one of the latter that I proved to be a real memory resurfacing decades later. In a dream-memory from the 1980s, I witnessed an entity changing shape in front of my eyes. I never saw its true form but I believe that it was a gray. I equate screen memories with ancient legends of shape-shifters.

        I’ve also encountered the Nordics. At least one species of Nordics has been visiting Earth for thousands of years, and in every study I’ve done in researching history, they were benevolent toward us. There are too many species in the cosmos to say that all ETs are good or bad or indifferent. But I do believe personally that there are ETs currently protecting us from others, based on the ancient stories of our ancestors.

        I also believe that Earth is marching toward its tipping point, and that humans will not and cannot stop it. We’d better hope that we have friends in the cosmos at that time, because we will need help. Our ancestors prophesied that we will receive assistance at that time, though not to the extent of saving us from our own follies. It’s not someone else’s job to do that. But they will protect the human species, and some will be Raptured to another location or possibly to a renovated Earth, according to the Bible and many other ancient texts. I truly believe that. I do not believe that this Rapture is limited to a specific country or ethnic group or religion. Ancient prophesies are widespread. All around the world, our ancestors said the same thing.

        I used to be deathly afraid because that’s how these encounters impact us. Ancient cultures welcomed visitations, and they taught their children from birth how to recognize and embrace visitations, so they were not afraid. Our culture has made us afraid. A very sad thing. One which doesn’t allow for us to share experiences and analyze so that we can figure out who the good guys and bad guys and neutral guys are out there.

        No doubt the governments are attempting that behind the scenes. I do understand their secrecy, though the current political climate (and I don’t mean one USA party over another as this transcends all parties and governments) hinders open discussion.

        For me, acknowledging my personal truth, studying history, studying my experiences, analyzing everything to the nth degree, that has done wonders on eliminating conscious fear. I say it that way because logically, I am no longer afraid. But when they do come, no amount of logic prevents the little hairs from raising up along your arms, and the heebie jeebie feeling that pervades. Logically you can be unafraid, while emotionally a pile of jello. I push through it and fight for the logic. I’ve discovered that the heebie jeebie feeling forewarns of their presence, before you consciously know they are there. The inner you, it always knows.

        Good luck to you Deirdre, it is not an easy task coming to terms with a lifetime of supernatural events. Whether extraterrestrial or other (I also believe in ghosts and such), we’ve been conditioned to react in fear, denial, and ridicule. Because of that, we have no yardstick to determine when to be afraid, and when to embrace. That is the saddest part of a society of non-disclosure.

        But in reading the book A.D.-After Disclosure, I understand why they cannot just come out publicly. And I agree with their reasoning. The type of disclosure that would help individuals like you and I would have needed to be an integral part of our society from the get-go.

        Luck, love, and blessings to you!

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