Are UFO Aliens Good or Evil?

Do you believe UFO extraterrestrials are good, or evil? Answer the UFO aliens are good or evil poll before you read any further. Once you’ve answered the question, then you can read on. There’s a second poll down under and I’m curious to see if your answer changes once I implant one of my weird alien thoughts into your head.

Are the UFO Aliens Good or Evil? - Initial Thoughts

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You took a moment to answer the poll, right? Before I could corrupt your thought train? Okay, here’s my thinking. Personally, I don’t believe it’s a simple Yes/No answer for several reasons.

First, seeing UFO aliens as being good or evil assumes that there’s only one species of alien out there. That’s like assuming the only animal on earth is the dog, with no cats, horses, cows, or squirrels. In all likelihood there are many extraterrestrial species, as many as there are planets with alien life on them, and each alien species has their own agenda. I know that as a child abductee, I was afraid of one species, and comfortable with another.

Second, even if there is only one species of UFO alien, isn’t it possible that they have both good and bad individuals within the species, just like humans? We’ve got everything from Jack the Ripper to Mother Teresa, Charles Manson to Mahatma Gandhi, not to mention all the human holy prophets which have walked among us.

Are the UFO Aliens Good or Evil? - On Second Thought

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If we perfected the technology to zip across the galaxy, and visited some other planet full of alien humanoids, would they consider us good or evil? Wouldn’t it depend on which one of us they encountered? Did they encounter a serial killer like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy? Or did they meet up with a saint such as Joan of Arc, John the Baptist, Pope Saint Nicholas I, or St. Patrick?

Just seeing how different humans are from one another, and realizing the likelihood that there are multiple species of UFO aliens, do you believe that the extraterrestrials are good, or evil?

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