Sic the Space Aliens On Your Enemies

Most people fantasize over what they’d like to do to someone who did them wrong. Back in the day we fantasized about slipping the evil-doer a laxative, though we never actually followed through.

Those were mellow days. We didn’t go postal or carry out road rage attacks; we suffered our angst in more civilized ways. Even in our anger we were more humane, and putting the scare into someone was sufficient punishment against an enemy who “done us wrong.”

What it all boils down to is the feeling of helplessness. Bad things happen, you feel powerless to prevent them and you are unable to soothe your tormented psyche afterward. Visions of the wrong done against you play into your fantasies and your dreams.

Tortured dreams are something that alien abductees know a lot about. Nightmares plague you, aliens haunt you, and even if you don’t remember all the details of what happened, the sheer terror still chases you down through the decades.

Night terror as a result of alien abduction leaves you lying in bed, flipping and flopping all night long, unable to sleep. The fear creeps into your life from every crack, especially if the crack is near a door or window. You’re scared out of your wits but you never tell anybody. Who would you tell? What would you tell them? “Gee doc, I’m scared of little green men sneaking into my bedroom at night…”

About all a doctor can do is prescribe a pill, and some of us don’t believe in a pill to cure fear. Pills have no power to prevent aliens from coming to pay you a visit anyway, so you learn to live with the fear of alien abduction. You face the world knowing that nighttime sucks and sleep isn’t going to leave you feeling refreshed and energetic the next day.

Full of envy, you watch your beloved dogs as they sleep, twitching their feet and yipping in their dreams. The dogs wake up with clear, happy eyes that welcome a new day. You can’t even fantasize about good things happening in your dreams, because it’s those very dreams that haunt you.

Sometimes the nightmares bring flashbacks of alien abduction, and sometimes you are literally abducted from your bed by the little green men which are actually gray aliens, so falling asleep can be pretty miserable for alien abductees, which means that it’s one of those things you’d wish on your worst enemy, right?


If I had the power to set the space aliens loose on someone specific, you’d think I would choose my worst enemy. But knowing what I know, I couldn’t sic the aliens on a low-down, dirty rotten sleazebag.

I’d have to wish an alien abduction on the purest, most noble-minded person I’d ever met, not because it’s a wonderfully pleasant experience, but because I believe the aliens are judging us based on what we humans do.

If the aliens abduct a no good low-life, they might get the notion that all of humanity is just plain rotten. What if the alien grays decided that we were a bunch of lying, thieving, murdering, conniving, cheating stinkers who spent our lives sticking it to the other guy?

Think of how you’d treat someone if you believed that they were capable of whacking their neighbor over the head for a $20 bill? Would you respect them? Would you put them up in a five-star hotel with candy on the pillow? Or would you throw them down the rankest hole that you could find?

I’d want the UFO aliens to abduct the man who gave his last crust of bread to a stranger while he himself went hungry, so that they’d see humanity as being worthy of a fluffy pillow scented with rose petals.

I’d want the space aliens to scan the mind of the person who fights to protect innocent animals. Trust me, they can read your mind and see every hidden corner therein. Someone with an ugly mind would just sink us all.

The alien visitors need to encounter the most honorable and honest folks that we have to offer. They need to see something besides the ugly side of humanity because I sure wouldn’t want them to treat me based on a typical day’s front page news.

If you believe in extraterrestrials, if you believe that UFOs are flying the starry night skies, if you believe that space aliens have the ability to do pretty much anything they want to us, then you better start spreading the message that humans should start behaving goodly.

For a glimpse into the bizarre world of an alien abductee, I’ve shared my story of decades long multiple abductions in the book Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions. Whether you believe it or not, hopefully my true story will open your mind to the reality that humans behaving badly could sink us all.

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