Carly Rose Sonenclar is an Alien

You don’t have to leave planet Earth to find an alien, all you have to do is watch the X Factor, according to judge Simon Cowell. The X Factor alien has an earthly name, a Southern-style name of Carly Rose Sonenclar, though she was born in New York.

Carly Rose is a 13 year old powerhouse singer who can toodle the soft notes as if caressing a lover, and belt out the power notes better than many of the top names in music today. From Over the Rainbow to Rolling in the Deep, Carly Rose nails it every single time.

X Factor judge L.A. Reid considers Carly Rose to be “insanely talented” though he didn’t think Rolling in the Deep was her best performance. Perhaps he thought Carly’s rendition of Over the Rainbow topped it, but he didn’t clarify, instead leaving us to wonder. He did add that even Carly’s second best was “better than everybody else’s first best.”

Then came Demi Lovato whose typical opinion is that she’s bored by a performance. Bored and boring are Demi’s favorite words, but not for Carly Rose Sonenclar. Carly elicited a rare compliment when Demi stated, “Carly, I’m not even your mentor and I feel proud of you!”

It was Simon Cowell who elevated Carly Rose higher than humanity to the status of a full-fledged alien species, fooling us all with the statement that “the first half was good…” Carly Rose started out soft and sweet, with her voice caressing every note of the melody in a hushed whisper.

Personally I thought she was phenomenal from start to finish. I love Adele’s song Rolling in the Deep and I rarely embrace a different person singing one of my favorite songs, so I was not initially on board with Carly Rose taking it on.

Halfway through the song Carly grabbed hold of it and took off like a spaceship launching. Normally I don’t like powerhouse singing as it loses the sweet flavor, but Carly Rose transcends the traditional divas and preserves the magic of the melodies. Simon called the second half of the song “sensational” and I totally agree, but Simon didn’t stop there.

He added, “What’s interesting about you, is that I believe outside of this show you, as a 13 year old, can sell records. The only problem that we have, which we’ve established, is that you’re not human. So therefore, you may have to be disqualified from this competition because aliens aren’t allowed to enter.”

Carly Rose smiled sweetly at the joke and replied, “Darn it. Thank you, though.”

No worries for Carly Rose, however. Simon Cowell surely must be secretly rooting for Carly Rose to win the X Factor $5,000,000 grand prize. How could he not? How could anybody not?

I love Tate Stevens, and I love Emblem3. As far as I’m concerned, these are the top three choices to be the X Factor 2012 winner and all three are a shoo in for successful music careers.

Carly Rose, however, transcends earthly prizes. She is, after all, an Alien from Another World. Simon says so, and that makes it true.

Simon says there are aliens on Earth, and I’ve shared my own alien encounters in the book Alien Nightmares: Screen Memories of UFO Alien Abductions. Unfortunately, my UFO alien memories do not involve sweet songs or X Factor contestants. They fall more into the X Files nightmare category.

Originally posted November 29, 2012.

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