Review of the Blondie song: Rapture

Blondie, aka Deborah Harry back in the day and Debbie Harry today, is best known for blockbuster hits such as: Heart of Glass, Call Me, and The Tide is High. These songs get as much radio airtime now as they did when they were first released more than two decades ago, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just the Blondie songs that they play today.

For a haunting tune, the song Rapture is a particular favorite, although it gets really weird in the middle about aliens eating cars and bars. I could listen for an hour to the haunting portions and would love it if the song had done away with the talking part.

Back in the 70’s, talking songs were coming out that may have been precursors to today’s rap music, and Rapture would surely fit the bill. We called them “talking songs” although I’m not sure what the official term was. They included songs such as The Devil Went Down To Georgia by the Charlie Daniels Band.

While Rapture isn’t a full-blown talking song, it does have a rap-like talking portion in the middle, but the rest of the song is pure Blondie. She has a unique sound that sets her apart from other artists. Several of her songs are signature Blondie even though they don’t get the airtime on today’s radio that they deserve.

If you limit yourself to the most well-known Blondie songs, you are truly missing out. Die Young Stay Pretty remains a favorite and worthy of a slot on my iPod. It’s more akin to The Tide is High and not so much like Call Me or One Way Or Another. If you’re a Blondie fan, it’s totally worth the listen.

Blondie is still on the scene and if you’re interested in what she’s been up to, check out Blondie’s official website. P.S. The following blonde isn’t Blondie-of-the-song-Rapture, but she will take you on quite a ride through space 🙂

  • Star Borne Series

    Fomorian Earth


    Shades of Moloch


    Renegade Genius


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    1. Joe says:

      Debbie Harry was well into and loved the NY rap/HipHop scene and this song is credited as being the first to bridge a gap between this genre and pop.

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